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Scruffy Dog Creative Group hires Asia GM Sean Cai

Cai to head operations in China, from business development to project management

Photo of Sean Cai, new General Manager of Scruffy Dog Creative Group

Scruffy Dog Creative Group, a leading creative design company, recently recruited entertainment design professional Sean Cai as General Manager, Asia. Cai brings valuable experience and knowledge to the Scruffy Dog team.

Sean Cai accomplished addition to the team

Cai attended university at Jilin Architecture, earning a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering before landing roles in top-tier design firms. He worked on projects such as Evergrande Water Park, Shanghai Disney Resort, and Tencent Little Penguin Family Entertainment Center.

Sean Cai managed many parts of business in his prior roles, including business development, design, office operations, and project management. Because of this experience in mainland China, he is tasked with all operations in the region, even supply chain management.

“Sean will strengthen our Business Development and Project Management team in this region,” Scruffy Dog Creative Group’s CEO Joe Bright, says. “This appointment is key to our growth in this region, as Cai will not only strengthen our existing client relationships, he will also extend our reach with new connections and projects in this region.”

Expanding influence in Asia, and beyond

Scruffy Dog Creative Group is rapidly expanding its reach in Asia. The group leads work on an indoor theme park set to open in 2024, which will be the largest in the world.

Additionally, the company recently announced that it accepted an invitation to join the OCT Alliance of Planning and Design. The organization’s membership consists of experts in planning, consulting, architectural and landscape design and related fields.

Alliance members benefit from the priority to take part in the planning and design of the group’s various projects. Bright said, “The OCT Group has ranked top 3 among all theme park groups worldwide and top 1 in Asia, therefore it is a privilege to be asked to join the Alliance of Planning and Design.”

Another recent and notable collaborative effort, the firm is currently working on 2 projects withiP2Development. The first is European Mattel Centre in Berlin. The second—not yet revealed—is located in the Middle East.

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