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Simworx announces Hyperakselerator attraction

Hunderfossen Familiepark brings to life the stories of Norwegian author-illustrator Kjell Aukrust

Simworx Hyperakselerator attraction

Simworx, the dynamic media attractions specialist, is completing work on a new attraction at Hunderfossen Familiepark for summer 2021. The rousing ride, Reodor Felgen’s Hyperakselerator, features the characters of Norwegian author and illustrator Kjell Aukrust.

Simworx’s experience ranges from concept design and theming, to installation and ongoing support. The company is known for designing and manufacturing 3D and 4D dynamic simulation attractions and effects cinemas. For Hunderfossen Familiepark, a solution featuring its Stargazer motion rides was developed.

Simworx Hyperakselerator attraction

A sleigh ride, steampunk style

Home to the world’s most photographed giant troll, Hunderfossen Familiepark in Fåberg, Norway showcases fairy tale storytelling throughout. The park writes, “With a yearly attendance of 250-300,000 guests, this is among our top 3 investments in our history, and we’re extra proud to release this attraction in the middle of a pandemic situation!”

Alongside Simworx, Qvisten and Farmer Attraction Development Ltd are working on the animation and theming, respectively. The animation focuses on characters Solan, Ludvig, and Reodor—an inventor with a mad answer to climate change. Steampunk styled Hyperakselerator sleighs match Aukrust’s illustrations with new-meets-old flair.

Enhanced with movement, mist, and media

Visitors begin by strapping in tight to a Hyperakselerator of their own. Then, riders go for a wild test-ride down Pinch Cliff with Ludvig and Solan, encountering surprises along the way.

A sixteen-meter-wide curved 3D projection screen and a quartet of 8-seat Simworx Stargazers comprise the ride. Utilizing 6DOF motion platforms, the 5-minute-long ride’s wide array of movements are smooth. Mist, wind and leg tickler effects added to the Stargazers enhance the experience.

Simworx Hyperakselerator attraction

“We’re really looking forward to seeing the final outcome of this phenomenal ride, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Hunderfossen to provide a beautifully themed dynamic media attraction, to bring Aukrust’s stories to life,” says Simworx CEO Terry Monkton.

Simworx and Katapult launched a new dark ride, TORCHLIGHT: Search of the Forest, last year. This horror ride takes visitors on a journey through a wood where they have to find out who, or what, is behind the disappearance of dozens of people.

Simworx CEO Terry Monkton recently spoke on a live panel about stimulating the visitor attraction sector in a post-covid context.

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