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Southport Pleasureland Implements Parafait e-token System from Semnox Solutions


Southport Pleasureland in the UK has implemented the Parafait e-token system from Semnox Solutions to manage their outdoor park rides. 

Norman Wallis, the owner of Southport Pleasureland explains the decision making process in choosing Parafiat: “I originally looked at e-card systems in 1999.  Since then technology has moved on and after some research and looking at other systems in use, I decided that the Semnox product was my preferred system.” 

Parafait has many advantages: it is easy to install, can operate wirelessly and is able to operate in offline/online mode using advanced RFID technology, at the same providing automatic reconciliation of all purchases and providing the flexibility for visitors to manage their tokens.

Southport Pleasureland Implements Parafait e-token System from Semnox SolutionsWallis says that he is pleased with his decision: “Having been in test mode for six months and a further six in operational mode, we are very happy to be using this technology and feedback from our customers has also been very positive.  I have found that service levels are extremely high and in addition, Semnox do ensure excellent online support  for the service users via their website and remote Team Viewer system.   In my view e-card systems are the future as they allow better security, control and analysis.”

“Tokenless systems are now gaining more popularity compared to the conventional ways of operating an outdoor park, ” says Umesh Prabhu, Vice President, Semnox Solutions.  “We at Semnox have closely worked with our client base to get their input and find new ways to help operators leverage the latest technology which in turn helps them maximize revenues and improves efficiency. Tokenless systems are easy to install , cost effective and help outdoor operators manage their day to day operations at their fingertips. We are happy to have Pleasureland on-board and welcome them to our rapidly expanding client base.  We look forward to a long term and mutually beneficial association with Pleasureland.”

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