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SpongeBob SubPants Launches this Memorial Day Weekend at Moody Gardens


Moody Gardens, launches its new SpongeBob SubPants Adventure in the Discovery Pyramid this Memorial Day weekend. 

Moody Gardens' latest interactive attraction combines 3D with 4D sensory elements such as bubble-popping to create what they describe as a “non-stop whirlwind of surprises”.

SpongeBob SubPants Adventure features Nickelodeon’s iconic SpongeBob characters and teaches the importance of sea-life conservation. Guests will encounter real sea stars, jellyfish, sea sponges and squids before boarding “Le Plunger” submarine for a “wild and silly” deep-sea adventure. 

The family adventure begins in the pre-show area where guests view L’Oceanauts Submarine Explorations’ vintage “mission briefing” film that explores the beauty of coral reefs and talks about the different animals within the tanks surrounding them. 

After the briefing, guests board the submarine and don their 3D glasses before descending into the underwater world of SpongeBob SquarePants. Guests can choose the destination they would like to visit while having improvised, real-time interaction with their tour guide, Patrick Star. They can choose to have their fortune read by Patrick in Goo Lagoon, try the jellyfish dating call in Jellyfish Fields or learn a special dance from Sandy Cheeks. They can also stop villain Plankton from taking over the SUB as part of his dastardly plot to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula. 

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