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Super 78 Launches First VR Oculus Rift Review Tool


Award-winning new media production studio, Super 78, has developed the first Virtual Reality collaborative media review and approval tool for the Oculus Rift.

Mushroom VR™ is ideally suited to immersive multimedia content created for themed experience venues, including museums and theme parks.

The interactive tool brings creative team members together in a shared virtual space wherever they are in the real world for an experience that ‘dramatically improves upon standard 2D “screen sharing” review applications’.

virtual reality user view

According to Brent Young, Super 78’s President and Creative Director, the company began creating Mushroom VR™ the day they received the Rift’s DK1: “We were able to use it in 2013 during Movie Park Germany’s production of The Lost Temple, the world’s first full field of vision ‘Immersion Tunnel’ attraction. Before any construction began, all of us in Los Angeles, Germany, and the UK were able to sit in the ride vehicle and experience every detail, including the vehicle’s motion programming; removing the need for expensive full-scale mock-ups and international travel saved the client hundreds of thousands of dollars, and shaved months off the schedule.”

Los Angeles-based Super 78 claims the new tool is ideally suited to media within themed attractions and other environment-specific content and says the annotation tools ‘bring a pixel-level precision to the review process’.

Dina Benadon, Super 78’s CEO, commented, “Mushroom VR™ pushes the collaborative media review tool to a whole new reality. In 1994, the theme park industry was buzzing about virtual reality and now, 20 years later, the promise of VR is finally being realised.”

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