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Super Nintendo World details revealed

New details about Super Nintendo World have been released during a live stream held from inside the land at Universal Studios Japan.

Super Nintendo World view

Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo took viewers of the live stream on a tour of the new Super Nintendo World. He explained more about the interactive parts of the land, the new food and merchandise as well as the new Mario Kart ride.

super nintendo world entrance

Guests will enter Super Nintendo World through the classic warp pipe which has LED lights on the sides to transport guests into the park. The tunnel finishes in the lobby of Peach’s castle where music from the Super Mario games is playing.

The Mushroom Kingdom features lots of moving parts. For example, the Yoshi and Goomba Tower all move as they do in the games.

Interactive wearables

Guests will also be able to interact with these elements. By wearing a Power-Up band on your wrist, guests can find secrets that are hidden throughout the park or play games

The PowerUp band then records your activity throughout the park. There are six designs for the Power-Up bands, all based on Nintendo characters.

super nintendo world power up band designs

The band will have a QR code on the back. Scanning this code will link the Power-Up band to a smartphone which allows guests to check their status.

Interactive activities

The park features many activities that allow guests to collect keys and coins. One of these is the ? Block.

Super Nintendo world ? block interactive element

Punching the ? Block while wearing the Power-Up band causes the block to light up and make the iconic coin sound. Guests will then see a coin appear in their smartphone app. These coins can even be used at home.

Super Nintendo World smartphone app screenshot

Other activities include the large Piranha Plant and a Koopa Troopa. Many of the activities feature moving parts, such as a key or coin that rotates.

Guests can collect key coins with certain activities, like Koopa Troopa. To play this game, guests scan the key which starts the shell that travels through a pipe. Guests must hit the POW block at the correct time to win the key.

super nintendo world interative game

Getting three keys from activities around the park will give guests a chance to battle with Bowser Jr.

An underground maze has plenty of activities for guests to play with as well as some dangerous Bob-ombs! The Bob-omb near the end of the maze is also an activity.

super nintendo world bob-omb

New Mario Kart ride

Inside Bowser’s Castle, guests will find Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge. This ride took six years to develop. The ride queue takes guests through Bowser’s castle. Guests can see trophies from the Mario Kart series in the queue, as well as an exclusive trophy for Universal Studios.

super nintendo world bowser's castle

The ride is designed as a special course Bowser has created to defeat Mario. Guests will ride as part of Mario’s team.

super nintendo world mario kart ride

Exclusive food and merchandise

The 1UP Factory shop features exclusive Super Mario merchandise. Guests will also be able to eat popcorn from a star bucket in Caramel Peach and Mushroom flavour.

Kinopio’s Cafe features more interactive activities as well as exclusive food items, many of which use mushrooms.

Miyamoto also confirmed that Super Nintendo World will be added to Universal Studios parks in Hollywood, Orlando and Singapore.

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