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The Tivoli Gardens’ Tycho Brahe Inspired Expansion With New Thrill Ride


The Tivoli Gardens Tycho Brahe Inspired Expansion With New Thrill RideThe Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen, have a multi-million Danish kroner expansion planned to open in April 2013. 

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The 600 square meter extension to the Merry Corner is inspired by sixteenth century Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, will include three new amusement rides:

  • In the new thrill ride for adults, visitors ride on giant eagles up to 10 meters in the air, experiencing centrifugal forces of 4G.
  • The second ride, an 8-metre high drop tower, is suitable for children and takes riders on a journey in an aeroplane to Saturn’s rings.
  • The third ride will be based on the classic Tivoli ride, the Little Pilot, re-themed to reflect a journey into space.  The interactive flying merry-go-round allows younger children the thrill of controlling the height of the ride up to a height of 4 meters via a joystick. 

Lars Liebst, Tivoli’s CEO, says, ”The last time Tivoli got a new major attraction was in 2009 when Vertigo flew into the Gardens at 100 km/h. Since then, we have added new experiences to a number of existing rides, but we think now is the time to improve our portfolio with brand new attractions. The new ride for teenagers is an exciting addition because it is both fun and wild, but also unique because there are very few like it in the world. Also, we are proud to be able to offer new experiences for both children and tourists who, we hope, may also learn something from becoming acquainted with Old Copenhagen, Tycho Brahe and his universe.”




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