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Theme Parks: Construction starts on Adventure World Warsaw site


On 15th October 2012 Las Palm company and Imtech Polska, the General Contractor for Adventure World Warsaw Parks & Resort, signed the official Construction Site Handover Protocol.  With this completed, the construction can start on Tuesday 16th October.  These initial works will involve, among other, hardening of the temporary access roads and demolition of buildings. Archaeological works on the site are also in progress. 

Adventure World Warsaw investment is entering the construction phase – the first excavators have arrived on site. Their presence is related to the adventure world warsaw construction starts theme parkworks of archaeologists, who will examine the entire area under the park for several more weeks. Meanwhile on 16th October Imtech company will be able to commence via its subcontractors the works preparing the area for further stages of the theme park construction. Execution of temporary hardening of access roads needed, among other things, for transportation of containers and other elements of technical backup, will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Meanwhile some of the buildings situated on the investment area will be demolished.

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Las Palm company has filed with the Poviat Starosty applications for permits for the construction of particular parts of the compound – the Grand and Aqua hotels, the Aqua Park and the maintenance buildings. The documents have been submitted successively since the last week of September 2012. In agreement with the Poviat Starosty, the applications regarding the Theme Park and the Entertainment Village, which are already complete, will be filed shortly due to the amount of work that has to be done by the Starosty regarding the applications that have already been filed.

“Probably the application for the permit to rebuild the agricultural irrigation and drainage system will be considered first. Those works are required to regulate the hydrographical conditions before start of any construction works – explains Jacek Andrzejewski, Member of the Board of Imtech Poland, the AWW General Contractor. If in the forthcoming weeks the Poviat Starosty adventure world warsaw construction starts theme park 800approves our application and weather conditions permitting, we will start the rebuilding of irrigation and drainage system this year”he adds.

“Watching the works on the site of the Adventure World Warsaw I can see our dream come true”,   says Peter Jan Mulder, the CEO in Las Palm sp. z o.o. ” I am really happy and proud with where we are today and I to thank our partners and the authorities of Grodzisk Mazowiecki for supporting us and staying by our side all the time” he adds.

The ceremony of traditional consecration of the construction site of the Adventure World Warsaw park by the person of the local parish is scheduled for 17th October 2012. The ceremony will be attended by representatives of Las Palm and authorities of Grodzisk Mazowiecki, as well as representatives of the general contractor and the media. 

Adventure World Warsaw Parks & Resort, the first themed amusement park in Poland and the biggest one in the CEE region, will be created near Grodzisk Mazowiecki, in Kludno Stare, Tluste and Chlebnia villages’ area. The resort will offer to visitors unique experiences and world-class entertainment, combining over 50 various attractions in a single theme park, including 24 rides and roller coasters, Poland’s biggest aqua park and an exciting entertainment village with cinemas, restaurants, shops, boutiques, cafes, pubs and clubs. The park will feature two impressive theme hotels with over 800 rooms, excellent restaurants and conference areas. The vibrant Adventure World Warsaw is likely to become one of the most visited place both in the direct vicinity of the capital city, and even in entire Poland. The park opening is scheduled for 2015.

For more info about the park please contact the Press Office of the Adventure World Warsaw or visit our website:

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