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Triotech announces major attraction for OCT Fabland Xiangyang

Triotech walkthrough OCT Fabland

Triotech, the award-winning creator of media-based attractions, will be bringing a double Walkthrough attraction to OCT Fabland Xiangyang in Hubei, China.

Triotech is pleased to announce a new project with OCT Group, which will see the installation of a double Walkthrough attraction at OCT Fabland Xiangyang, adding a new immersive and interactive multisensory experience for guests.

The new attraction will centre around the theme of Space Pirates. Visitors will experience it on foot, travelling through a series of distinct zones, each offering specific immersive and interactive elements.

Guests are on opposing teams – Pirates or Bounty Hunters – and are presented with conflicting goals to encourage friendly competition. The Pirate Team must race to collect intergalactic coins, while their competitors on the Bounty Hunters Team have to race to find as many hidden treasures as possible. Different endings will unfold, depending on which team scores the highest.

“Over the last several years, Triotech has had the privilege to design and deploy several attractions for the OCT Group in their different parks. We are proud to be a partner of OCT”, says Ernest Yale, Triotech’s Founder and CEO. “Triotech has developed an expertise in media-based walkthrough attractions that is unique in the world.”

A unique experience

Triotech’s Walkthrough attraction provides a ‘dark ride’ experience without the need for an expensive ride system or ride vehicles. This results in a good “THRC to Investment” ratio for operators.

In addition to this, because the guests walk through the attractions in groups of around 12-16 persons per group, it is easy to accommodate groups and families. As there are no vehicles, a family can be 3 people or 5 or even 7 persons, and they can enjoy the experience together. This means that visitors can interact and share the experience with people they care about.

The Walkthrough concept is also scalable. In this case, at OCT Fabland Xiangyang, the capacity was doubled vs. previous projects by doubling certain parts of the attraction such as the final escape interactive simulation scene.

Earlier this year, Triotech announced the launch of Reef Rider, the brand new interactive game for its popular STORM coin-op simulator.

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