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Universal’s glitter-farting troll gains viral fame

Universal's glitter farting troll goes viral

Universal’s Orlando theme park has added a glitter-farting troll to its character line-up, attracting fame on Twitter.

The daily meet and greet with the characters from Trolls usually features Poppy and Branch. Recently, a sparkly purple troll named Guy Diamond has also been added to the event.

Guy Diamond does a short dance, and then farts confetti.

The character has attracted lots of attention on Twitter, with viral Tweets joking about the character – including the suggestion that he should star in next year’s Superbowl Half Time Show:

And another user that was thankful to the character:

UK theme park Thorpe Park got in on the action:

There were comparisons between different approaches to live appearance character development taken by Disney and Universal!

Other users raised concerns about the character:

As well as the additional clean-up he requires:

Social media

Last year, Museums in the UK celebrated ‘Museum Meme Day’ by posting captioned pictures of their artefacts on Twitter.

Many of the Twitter accounts behind popular UK museums posted a meme related to art, history and even the people that visit. It follows a popular trend of Classic Art memes, where pictures of famous artworks were captioned.

And earlier this year, museums went viral on Twitter by sharing their best “duck pics”.

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