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Amusement Parks: Blackbeard’s Cave – a Potted History

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Blackbeard’s Cave is an amusement park and outdoor pursuits facility located on Route 9 in Bayville New Jersey.

The amusement park’s creation was the brainchild of Ned Bevelheimer in 1989: a man whose original claim to fame was a sports facility called ‘Sportsland’ in 1974 which was closed down to make space to build the Giants Stadium in Meadowlands.

However, in 1989, and with a growing emphasis on families participating together in leisure activities, he opened the amusement park as a venue where families could get together and play miniature golf and he also installed several batting cages. 

The amusement park proved to be a success and by the end of 1995, additional attractions were installed. They included a golf driving range, go karts, a jousting competition, an archery range, bumper boats – which features a number of underwater explosions –  and an arcade.

The jousting competition was a novel introduction to the amusement park where two jousters battled it out to knock each other off raised platforms with padded poles – since made very popular through the likes of TV’s ‘Gladiators’ series. 

Later on, the amusement park added its own C.B. Huntingdon’s full-service family restaurant which features fully operational miniature railways. 

Additionally, the amusement park, in an effort designed to increase its popularity with attractions aimed at younger children, opened its kids’ zone called ‘Adventure Station’.

One of the amusement park’s latest popular attractions is its ‘Eurobungy Trampoline’ which, because of its harness attachments, is able to offer a ‘super-trampolining’ experience as it allows you to be propelled over 40 feet into the air.

There is also a 30-foot high climbing wall at the amusement park where you can put your rock climbing skills to the test. Modern warfare enthusiasts will enjoy putting their stamina and guile into the Splatter Zone – a 30, 000 foot paint ball arena which can be played in both the daytime and at night at the amusement park.


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