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Amusement Parks: Raging Waters San Dimas – a Potted History

Raging Waters San Dimas is one of three water amusement parks under the Raging Waters brand name in the state of California. This one is located at San Dimas not far from Los Angeles with the other two amusement parks further to the north of the state in Sacramento and San Jose. 

The amusement parks are all owned by Palace Entertainment although there are two other Raging Waters amusement parks in New Jersey and Utah that are not owned by the same company.

The water amusement park at San Dimas is one of the largest in the entire state and the largest in southern California.

Raging Waters San Dimas is an amusement park which blends the thrills of high octane rides with the traditional favourites with a less frenetic pace such as the lazy river, wave pool and body slides. 

The highlights of the amusement park include the Dragon’s Den which sends riders down a tube and into a 35 foot bowl where you circle around watched over by a dragon snorting mist at you. High Extreme is reputed to be the largest two person raft ride in the USA and is one of the longest and fastest rides of its type.  Dropout is a ride at the amusement park which plunges you into a state of free fall at a speed of up to 40mph and at seven storeys high, it is the tallest ride of its type in the USA. The Dark Hole, as its name suggests, is a system of two fibreglass tunnels of 500 feet in length and with a total drop of 52 feet in pitch darkness.

The amusement park is not just about high octane thrill rides however. There are 4 sections, each totally dedicated to younger children through to young teenagers.

When visiting the amusement park for the first time, if you experience a sense of déjà vu, this may be because you might have seen the amusement park featured in films such as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (it was here where the time travelled Napoleon Bonaparte was abandoned) and, in the 2007 film ‘Norbit’, the amusement park was also featured where the staff in the film wore the exact same uniforms that the amusement park’s staff actually wear.

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