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Tracy’s Vital Statistics: Disneyland Paris

Comparing FY (fiscal year) 2009 and 2008, attendance increased while spending and hotel occupancy decreased. FY 09 ended Sept 30, 2009.

Information collected by Blooloop News Editor Tracy Kahaner of Kahaner Research

Attendance increase and origin

15.4 million visits in 2009

… Attendance origin: France, 48%; UK, 14%; Spain, 8%; Belgium & Luxembourg, 7%; Netherlands, 7 %; Italy, 4%; Germany, 3%; rest of world, 9%.

… Attendance increased from 15.3 million in FY 08 to 15.4 million in FY 09.

Spending rate decline

… Average spending per guest (in Euros, excluding VAT) declined from 46.3 in FY 08 to 44.2 in FY 09. According to the Company, “The reduction in average spending per guest reflects lower spending on admissions and merchandise. This lower spending was driven by additional promotional offers, which reduced average admission prices, and a higher proportion of our guests visiting from markets close to Paris. These guests generally spend less on merchandise.”

Hotel occupancy rate decline

87% hotel occupancy rate as compared to 91% hotel occupancy rate in FY 08 (Disneyland Paris operates 5, 800 hotel rooms in seven hotels) 

Source : Euro Disney S.C.A.

Tracy’s Vital Statistics: Facts and numbers concerning the attractions industry
collected by Tracy Kahaner, Kahaner Research. This data appears Friday on

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