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Waterparks: Thundering Surf Water Park – a Potted History

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Thundering Surf Water Park is located in Beach Haven on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

The emphasis of the water park is very much on family fun and on catering for children of all ages, in particular.

There are 6 giant waterslides at the water park which feature both single and double tubes so you can strike out on your own or with a friend, brother or sister or even Mum and Dad.

There’s the obligatory Lazy River at the water park but it’s not called the ‘Lazy Crazy River’ for nothing. Just when you’re at ease relaxing and cruising, a small wave begins to roll throughout the entire river and you’re going to get wet. In addition, parents and children who might not be cruising the river are likely to end up getting wet too with slap targets and super soaker water guns ensuring that even remaining on dry land, it definitely doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to stay dry. For those on the river itself, however, getting soaked is inevitable thanks to the water park’s Giant Tipping Bucket as you cruise underneath the bridge.

The water park’s ‘Dancing Fountains’ is an opportunity to try and catch the fountains as you jump and dance your way around the kids area and Cowabunga Beach features two special areas for younger children at the water park – one area has been specially designed for children between the ages of 9 months and 2 years whilst the other is for children aged 2 to 10.

The latest attraction to the water park in 2010 is FlowRider where you’ll get to learn the skills such as wake boarding, body boarding and surfing.

Away from the splashing and other water antics at the water park, Settlers Mill Adventure Golf is great fun for all of the family in a relaxed and beautifully landscaped area of the water park. It has two separate 18-hole courses sitting by side featuring water obstacles, a suspended bridge, waterfalls and caves.

The water park also has two snack bars, an old fashioned ice cream parlour, an infant pool, a sundeck and a free observation deck.

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