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A New Area Opens, Where All Family Members Can Enjoy, as a Final of Universal Studios Japan®’s 10th Anniversary, filled with “Happy Surprise!”


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In the spring of 2012, Universal Studios Japan will open a new area that all family members can enjoy. Under a totally novel concept, the area will be a theme area filled with fun, attraction and excitement, as well as happy surprises beyond the expectations and imaginations of visitors. 

The new area is designed to spectacularly boost the festive mood of Universal Studios Japan’s 10th anniversary event period, during which a sequence of world class entertainments will be offered one after the next, starting with the opening of “Dreams Are Universal”, a special entertainment show that will commence on March 3, 2011. 

This new area will appear in the present Land of Oz area after a period of construction. Thus, the present Land of Oz area, containing the attractions of WiCKED, Toto & Friends, and the Magical Oz Go-Round, will close on February 15, 2011 (Tue). Please note that performances of WiCKED will be discontinued earlier, on January 11, 2011 (Tue).

Details of the new area will be anounced in line with the progress of the 10th anniversary project.

Universal Studios Japan will celebrate its 10th anniversary next spring, thanks to generous support from many guests. Under the theme "The Biggest and Greatest Happy Surprises in Park History" from March 3 (Thu), 2011 to April 8 (Sun), 2012, Universal Studios Japan will offer a sequence of festive-mood filled world-class entertainments that can be experienced specially during the 10th anniversary period. 

During this period, the Park will enthrall visitors with its festive atmosphere. For example, the Universal Globe, which is located in the Park entrance and is loved by many guests as a symbol of the Park, will be adorned with special decorations. Besides this, many optical illusion art works will be on display to amaze guests.

As part of the 10th anniversary events, “Dreams Are Universal", a special outdoor show, will be held on the largest scale in the Park’s history from March 3, 2011 to January 9, 2012. This heartwarming story of family dreams will be performed by popular Park characters, along with a total of 90 entertainers. Moreover, a stunningly realistic dinosaur, huge soap bubbles, and many other surprises will appear one after the next, everywhere around the Park. Furthermore, upgraded 10th anniversary versions of annual seasonal events will be performed. 

During its 10th anniversary event period, Universal Studios Japan will offer visitors the happiest feelings and excitement beyond anything they have ever experienced or imagined, helping create for them delightful and unforgettable memories.

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