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Amusement Parks: Jumana Brodersen designs Klump Island – New play zone for Tivoli Gardens


“Integrating the Rasmus Klump attraction into Tivoli Gardens amusement park was a similar challenge to what we did in designing the Sesame play areas for theme parks SeaWorld San Diego and Busch Gardens Williamsburg, ” says Jumana Brodersen, president of The J Co. and former corporate director of creative development with Busch Entertainment Corp.

“In both cases, the park was a well-established property that had built its own singular brand over the decades. The licensed property needed to fit seamlessly into the existing fabric while at the same time asserting its unique identity.”

Klump Island will bring new visitors to Tivoli

Brodersen’s master plan for the new, 1, 530 sq. meter Klump Island describes an immersive, themed environment offering rich play experiences for children and their families. “It has been a pleasure to work with such a venerable establishment as Tivoli, to build on my past work, and to create a guest experience around the character of Rasmus Klump and his friends, ” says Brodersen.  “Amusement parks need to reinvest on a regular basis to give customers an incentive to return each year, stay longer in the park and spend money. Rasmus Klump is near and dear to the Danes and an excellent choice for a family destination such as Tivoli.”

Klump: a whole new look within Tivoli Gardens

Brodersen’s design for Klump Island ushers in a dramatic sense of arrival to this all-new destination within Tivoli Gardens. Her master plan divides Klump Island into three adventure zones for three age groups. The zones connect through seamless transitions, with ample shade and seating for parents. The design provides a whole new look within Tivoli Gardens, blending Rasmus sculptural styles, textures and colors into Tivoli’s beauty and charm. Complementing the play areas are a Rasmus-themed ride, and a restaurant specializing in pancakes, Rasmus’s comfort food of choice.

A themed entertainment collaboration across continents

The Klump Island project has been a themed entertainment collaboration across continents. Brodersen’s role commenced in June 09. After meeting in Copenhagen with Tivoli’s director of design, Mikkel Sonne, vice president Finn Sture Madsen and CEO  Lars Liebst, and Egmont creative developer Per Sanderhage. She returned to St. Louis and kicked off creative development with a design team chosen for their expertise in themed play attractions (Elaine Swanger, Sophie Binder and Scott Neale). Klump Island is now being realized in Denmark by Tivoli’s team of contractors and fabricators.

Integrated Creative Management: efficient with time and money

The timeframe for creating Tivoli’s new Klump Island attraction reflects a very fast pace of development which was facilitated by using an integrated creative management or “design/build” approach. “We went very quickly from concept development to concept approval, then pricing design development drawings, and now fabrication and construction are underway in Denmark, ” says Brodersen. “Integrated creative management is the 21st century way of doing things – efficient with time as well as money. Using a holistic, team approach instead of a linear approach, you solve problems together in the field and you shorten the time between concept and fabrication. You get the most value for the budget and fewer changes late in the process.”

About Jumana Brodersen and The J Co
Jumana Brodersen (above) is president of The J Co LLC, a design consulting firm that specializes in planning and design of venues that entertain and immerse guests – including theme parks, zoos and aquariums, visitor centers, national parks and museums. With an architectural background, she specializes in balancing vision and logistics. From 1998-2008 Brodersen was with Busch Entertainment Corp. where, as corporate director of Creative Development, she managed the capital planning process in a hands-on approach for multiple Busch Adventure Parks projects. She formed The J Co in 2008, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri USA. She is a member of the Themed Entertainment Association, IAAPA and AZA.

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About Rasmus Klump, aka Petzi
Rasmus Klump comic strips were first created by Carla Hansen and illustrated by her husband Vilhelm. In 1952 the first real Klump album was published. Since then more than 8o different books have been published. The comics are published in more than 20 countries, with over 20 million copies sold. In addition there are coloring books, PC games etc. In some parts of the world, Rasmus Klump is known as “Petzi.”The property is licensed by Egmont Film, part of Egmont International Holding A/S,

About Tivoli Gardens
Tivoli is Denmark’s most visited attraction and the third most visited amusement park in Europe. Tivoli was inspired by the so called romantic pleasure gardens of Europe, which were landscaped according to the English tradition of forming naturalistic ornaments. Tivoli’s founder, Georg Carstensen (1812-57) had seen pleasure gardens on his journeys through Europe, and in 1841 he applied to King Christian VIII for permission to establish and run Tivoli. Visit

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