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Amusement Rides: World’s Steepest Roller Coaster Opened at Flamingo Land Theme Park in England


New coaster has the steepest drop ever!

The Guinness Book of World Records has proclaimed the “Mumbo Jumbo” roller coaster at Flamingo Land, Kirby Misperton, England, as the “World’s
Steepest Coaster.” Mumbo Jumbo, designed and built by the innovative team at S&S Worldwide, is a member of the “El Loco Coaster” product line of S&S; and the ride provides the thrilling experience of the world’s steepest drop at 112 degrees.

Pushing the limits of what can be accomplished in a small coaster footprint, the El Loco coasters by S&S are designed to maximize space while delivering family fun and excitement. The ride experience combines both well-known coaster elements and unique, new maneuvers, including 45-degree outward curves, barrel rolls, and the record-setting steep first drop. Families are raving about this coaster, and coaster enthusiasts recognize that S&S is setting the pace for the future of the amusement ride industry.

“Flamingo Land wanted to add a new coaster with a small footprint and an exciting ride experience that would draw guests to the park, ” said Kevin Rohwer, Vice President, Sales and Marketing for S&S Worldwide, Inc. “The El Loco coaster (“Mumbo Jumbo”) we installed at Flamingo Land is daring and different – with a bold, world-record steep drop – while offering a delightful experience the entire family can enjoy. Flamingo Land’s new coaster offers great capacity, a smooth-riding family experience, and a unique brand of excitement. We have enjoyed working with Flamingo Land, and we have appreciated the opportunity to put this incredible coaster in their park.” 

“Mumbo Jumbo” has a track length of 390 m (1, 276 ft.) and a lift height of 29.3 m (96 ft.). It has excellent passenger capacity, with five four-passenger vehicles and a capacity of 600 passengers per hour. “Mumbo Jumbo” travels at about 20 mph with a maximum G-Force of +3, and its ride cycle is 75 seconds.

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