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BrushBoarding, A Surfing And Snowboarding Simulator, To Feature At The London Boat Show


 BrushBoarding, A Surfing And Snowboarding Simulator, To Feature At The London Boat Show Jan 9th – Jan 18th

Brush Boarding© will be a feature at the London Boat Show in January, providing boating enthusiasts an experience of the world of extreme board sports.  This will excitedly continue the momentum behind the new board sport of Brush Boarding.   Organisers of the London Boat Show agree that Brush Boarding will appeal to the hearts and minds of boating enthusiasts, and have put aside a huge space for attendees to give it a try.

“We’re really excited to bring Brush Boarding to the attendees of the London Boat Show” said Kyle Dent, founder of Extreme Sports Zone Ltd and creator of Brush Boarding, “Brush Boarding can be experienced by novices wanting to try these sports, as well as extreme riders”. Mr Dent continued to explain, “We know that boating can be recreational as well as an extreme sport.  We see lots of parallels”.

Brush Boarding is to Surfing and Snowboarding, what indoor rock climbing is to outdoor rock climbing.  It complements the sports, teaching skills and helping develop core strength that all board sports require. The Brush Ramp® is new to market, and is already making waves around the world. 

The Brush Ramp is the shape of a quarter-pipe skateboarding ramp with a moving surface of soft brushes that push the rider upward.  The rider is taken up the ramp by putting an edge of their board into the brushes, and skims downward when the edge is taken out. 

Brush Boarding aligns perfectly with Sports England’s, and the Change4Life Campaign’s goals of fighting obesity in people of all ages – especially children. Brush Boarding is a new sport that is challenging, individual and cool. Brush Ramps are being sold to facilities where participants can be in a safe and controlled environment.

The Brush Ramp has been seen in many parts of England since being released in the Summer of 2008, including:

– Newquay during the BoardMasters thanks to the support of the Acorn Property Group;
– Brighton for Paddle Round The Pier, joining the effort to raise £35, 000 for local charities;
– The Gadget Show, being compared to a water based surfing-only machine.

 A group of blind teenagers from The West of England School and College recently tried Brush Boarding. With little or no sight the very cool group were able to safely experience the thrill of Brush Boarding.  “I was a little apprehensive to begin with, but to watch the smiles on the faces when they mastered the balance was amazing for me. It just goes to show that we cross a huge demographic” Kyle Dent commented.
With the storm that the Brush Ramp is generating, the Brush Boarding Team is in search of new riders to travel to events, develop new ride styles and promote this adrenalin rushing multi-board sport.

If you think you have what it takes to join our team go to our website and email us with the comment ‘I am the rider you need’. You could alternatively call / text 07528 419 458 and make contact.

The Brush Ramp is generating interest from event organisers, brand companies, and private hire groups wishing to get fit while having fun. Activity centres, sports clubs, leisure parks, caravan parks, councils and brand companies all wish to purchase, hire or just simply ride The Brush Ramp.

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