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Devon the Home Of New Surfing And Snowboarding Sport Of Brush Boarding


Pro-surfers endorse Brush Boarding™, a combination of Surfing and Snowboarding as Extreme Sports Zone launches The Brush Ramp© a revolutionary combination of surfing and snowboarding on dry land, which has grabbed the attention of Pro Surfers and organisers of Rip Curl Boardmasters™ 2008, alike. 

The Brush Ramp©, which has been endorsed by The British Surf Association will be launched at Devon’s Crealy Great Adventure Park on Tuesday 27th May and at Cornwall’s Crealy Great Adventure Park on Thursday 29th May.

The Brush Ramp© is the size of a quarter-pipe skateboarding ramp with a moving surface of soft brushes that push the rider upward.  The rider is taken up the ramp by putting an edge of their board into the brushes, and skims downward when the edge is taken out. 

Kyle Dent of Extreme Sports Zone said, “Everyone dreams of doing sports like surfing and snowboarding.  Time and the cost of getting on location, are two major factors in the way of these boarding experiences. Brush Boarding ™ is a combination of surfing and snowboarding without needing to get wet. 

“Pro-surfers like Ben “SkinDog” Skinner and John Hibbard, tried Brush Boarding and loved it! Our trials of The Brush Board left everyone smiling and asking for more and that included riders aged from 2 years old to 66 years old! That is why Crealy Great Adventure Parks, in Devon and Cornwall are the perfect venues to launch The Brush Ramp before our tour of major cities and of course, beaches across the South West over the summer.”

Extreme Sports Zone are launching Brush Boarding and The Brush Ramp after three years of research and product development by inventor Kyle Dent, who grew up surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding in Australia, now living in Topsham, near Exeter.
Kyle Dent continues, “Brush Boarding is to Surfing and Snowboarding, what indoor rock climbing is to outdoor rock climbing.  It complements the sports, teaching skills and helping develop core strength that all board sports require.

“Different boards allow riders to have different experiences.  Surfers like longer boards to simulate carving on a wave, whereas skaters like short boards so they can do tricks.  Snowboaders like medium sized boards with footstraps that enable them to perform more twist styled tricks. Brush Boarding is for all ages and abilities and like surfing and snowboarding it is really addictive – riders just want to stay on for longer and longer!”

The Brush Boarding Summer tour begins on May 27th at Crealy Adventure Park in Devon.  The tour covers many cities across the UK, with the highlight being the Rip Curl Boardmasters in Newquay, Cornwall, in August 2008.  Details are being finalised between Plymouth University and Extreme Sports Zone for prime sponsorship at the Rip Curl Boardmasters.

Brush Boarding will be available at participating Activity Centers and Leisure parks across the UK as production permits.

For more information go to, or find Brush Boarding on

Visit to find out more about The Brush Boarding Launch Days at Devon’s Crealy and Cornwall’s Crealy.

Many videos and photos have been loaded to to show the amazing and fun experience Brush Boarding provides.

Kyle Dent uses his passion and outgoing personality, first tapped on DIY SOS in 2005, to promote his patented invention.  Brush Boarding allows him to provide board sports to all age groups and skill levels in a safe, green and dry way. 

About Extreme Sports Zone Ltd

Extreme Sports Zone Ltd manufactures and distributes The Brush Ramp.  Extreme Sports Zone is committed to making board sports accessible to enthusiasts (whether novice or experts) in a green and safe manner.  Brush Boarding is based on patented technology and exclusively produced by Extreme Sports Zone Ltd in the UK.

Contact: Kyle Dent, Press Relations
Extreme Sports Zone Ltd
Unit #3,
Topsham Business Park
Topsham EX3 0QH
Tel:    07971 193 060
Fax:    01395 222 696

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