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Hire Reality presents first travelling exhibition “Bees’ World”


Matthias Clostermann has presented his subsidiary venture “Hire Reality” to public. With “Bees’ World”, Hire Reality’s first travelling exhibition is now ready to go on tour after more than one year of conceptual work and production.

This first travelling exhibition immediately looking at an up-to-date issue, Clostermann recounts how he encountered the subject “bee”: “A beekeeper friend described the impact of the mysterious disappearing of thousands of bees in the U.S. and explained to me, how important these small insects are for our ecosystem. Without doubt, bees are fascinating insects and I was surprised, how little I knew about them.”

Given this impetus, the idea of an exhibition about bees took shape step by step. The fruits of these efforts can now be seen in Bees’ World, which traces the phenomenon bee in many different facets – from its complex social behavior and incredible physical abilities to the bee in its ecological environment and its utilization by mankind.

With interactive exhibits, fascinating models and scenery, Bees’ World focuses on presenting knowledge as an explorative adventure. Promoting the idea that learning is fun, the exhibition thus stimulates interaction and allows for playful exploration of the insect’s world.

Among the numerous interactive exhibits the visitor can find the model of an inner bee body that explores bees’ anatomy in detail. Subsequently, the 7-Feet-Bee shows in minute detail how a bee moves its wings or the sting. Row-a-Bee offers special fun by exploring the amazing
flying abilities of the bee in direct contest. With the Beekeeper, the visitor can experience the real feel of standing in the midst of a swarm of bees. Caution is advised for sweet teeth, when competing with the Grizzly Bear in collecting honey from inside a dead tree.

Drafted in cooperation with biologist Dr. Eberhard Frey of the University of Karlsruhe, Germany, the exhibition thus attractively combines entertainment and scientific presentation, aiming at sparking curiosity for an ecological subject and raising a long-lasting fascination for natural phenomena.

About Hire Reality

Hire Reality designs, fabricates and operates traveling exhibitions to various themes and aspects of science and exploration. Our traveling exhibitions promote the idea of making education fun and add interactive and tangible science to most diverse traditional and non-traditional venues. Our vivid exhibitions intentionally reduce the use of multimedia features and computers, concentrating on 3-dimensional exhibits for a truly interactive and tangible experience and encounter with science.

Hire Reality exhibitions are produced in Germany by CLOSTERMANN design and based on CLOSTERMANN‘s high expertise and experience in realizing themed attractions for clients all over the world in over ten years existence.

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