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Interactive Play: Namco Funscape Introduces a New Virtual Playground by EyeClick

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The Namco Funscape Complex located in Tamworth is one of 14 locations in the United Kingdom. Namco Funscape venues offer exciting attractions for everyone from tots to teenagers including bowling, games, restaurants, and more.

The newest attraction at the Tamworth venue is EyeClick’s interactive gaming system, BEAM.  BEAM turns any indoor area into a full-blown virtual playground. Multiple players can run, twist and dance using their hands and feet to activate colorful graphics projected on the floor or wall. Kids can pop balloons, play the piano, and even show off their soccer skills.

Namco Funscape uniquely branded their system by inserting their logo into the games. Namco’s BEAM also has the capability to be customized for special events. Birthday boys or girls can have their picture taken and inserted into the games along with colorful text such as “Congratulations!” or “Happy Birthday Jenny”. There are a variety of boarders and compositions to choose from including a crown, party hat, streamers and balloons.

“Namco is one of the greatest names in electronic gaming, ” says Ariel Almos, Founder and CEO of EyeClick . “The high-tech Namco kids of today will love BEAM.”

“EyeClick has just been installed in our Kids Kingdom Softplay operation in Tamworth and has been received extremely well, ” said Rob Cook, UK Operations Manager of Namco Operations Europe. “We feel this will be an invaluable addition to the operation, giving us a USP that none of our competitors are able to compete with”.

Cook continued, “There is always a gathering around it, usually with the parents standing on the edge seemingly desperate to have a go. This, on occasion, has boiled over with the parent running on, usually when the balloon popping game is on.”

BEAM has been installed in major attraction centers, family entertainment centers, indoor playgrounds, museums and retail locations in major global markets with clients like NASA, Burger King, Amazing Chicago Funhouse Maze and the Beatles Story Visitor Attraction in Liverpool, among others.

About EyeClick

EyeClick Ltd.  specializes in creating inventive products that transform designated spaces into magical experiences. EyeClick has helped leading brands, from Samsung and Volvo to NASA and GE, transform their floors, walls and window areas into spectacular interactive displays that leave a long-lasting impression. EyeClick gives event and trade show organizers, retailers, advertisers and media companies the ability to showcase rich interactive digital content in public spaces, including convention centers, promotions, malls, airports and chain stores.

About Namco Operations Europe

Namco Operations Europe is part of the multi-national entertainment company Bandai Namco Group (BNG), a public company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and with annual revenues of $3.9 billion US dollars (2007).  Namco offers a unique entertainment experience at our locations throughout the UK.  The fun, inspired activities vary by location, but most include bowling, games of all types, dodgem cars, kids play, cue sports, private room karaoke, party rooms and other activities combined with great good and fun bars. Come and see us at

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