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Meow Wolf Phoenix: Hotel, immersive art exhibition and music venue

Meow Wolf Phoenix: Hotel, immersive art exhibition and music venue

Plans for Meow Wolf Phoenix, a hotel, immersive art exhibition and music venue in the Roosevelt Row Arts District, have been announced.

Santa Fe-based arts and entertainment group Meow Wolf, in conjunction with True North Studio, has announced plans to open a combined immersive exhibition and hotel concept in Phoenix.

According to Meow Wolf: “Our hotel and interactive arts venue will redefine and reinvigorate the hospitality experience.”

The venture, an immersive permanent exhibition, music venue and hotel is in line with a trend for themed experiential hotels.

The Tasmanian Museum of Old and New Art has plans to open an unusual hotel featuring artworks and special experience rooms. Meanwhile Marriott International is expanding its experiential hotel brand, Moxy Hotels, which subverts the hotel experience for millennials, with features such as selfie-booth elevators and tech-enabled rooms.

Meow Wolf interactive hotel

Meow Wolf’s interactive hotel concept is part of the collective’s continuing expansion. They are opening their second permanent venue in Las Vegas this year, and officially presenting their first art ride in Denver.

Meow Wolf Phoenix, a multi-year project, will feature 400 rooms designed by local artists to immerse guests in a variety of themes around overnight experiences, which include faux-glamping, capsule rooms, communal hostel environments, absurd luxury suites – and even lodging inside the art exhibition itself.

There will also be a 75,000 sq ft exhibition space, and a 10,000 sq ft performance and music space.

Vince Kadlubek, Meow Wolf co-founder and CEO said:

“Guests are always asking about staying overnight inside of our House of Eternal Return project in Santa Fe, so doing an intertwined exhibition and hotel just made sense to us.”

“Our partnership with True North Studio in Phoenix is a perfect opportunity to explore this wild concept. Our intention for this venture is to collaborate with the creative community in greater Phoenix to produce an authentic, local statement of expression which will bring further excitement and creative energy to the Roosevelt Row Arts District. This project is going to be truly monumental on so many levels.”

Image: Hitching a ride to the new Meow Wolf – in Phoenix! Photo illustration by Caitlin LeMoine and Kate Russell

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