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Mirage Entertainment Celebrates 20th Anniversary


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By Luyao Zheng and Jerry Koch

International live production company, Mirage Entertainment celebrates 20 years in business, while looking to the future with a joint-venture in Asia.

A full-service production company, Mirage provides the full range of conceptual to operational and show management services on a wide variety of performing arts and attractions, specializing in live theme park entertainment, such as stunt shows, cultural exhibitions and stage spectaculars. 

Founded in 1990 as a Los Angeles film production company, Mirage participated (with Walt Disney Studios) in the realization of the hit “3 Ninjas” film series (earning over $100 million at the box office). Expanding into live shows and attractions, the company has worked with such clients as Universal Studios, Six Flags and San Diego Sea World (in addition to many overseas customers)to become an industry leader in live theme park entertainment.

Operating in over 40 countries with offices in Los Angeles, Munich, Beijing, Taipei and Dubai, Mirage Entertainment is well positioned to serve a worldwide audience.  To date, Mirage has created and produced over 150 highly imaginative productions (accumulating over 200, 000 performances) around the globe – including the largest water-stunt spectacular in the world.  All told, Mirage has operations on all six populated continents (excluding unpopulated Antarctica).  Relying on solid ethics, creativity, safety and financial feasibility as their strategic pillars, the executive team at Mirage collectively represents over 120 years of show business experience.

“In these 20 years, we have seen a lot of competitors come and go, but Mirage is still going strong, ” says co-founder and CEO, Brad Billington.  “The whole industry is suffering from the worldwide economic crisis of 2008, ” he continues, “but we are growing and expanding into new markets.  We have become a truly integrated entertainment company, offering a diversified service spanning all aspects of production.  In the coming year, while remaining involved with our client base in the US, we are planning to open a new branch company in Asia.  This will help us to utilize our domesticassets, in connection with our overseas resources more efficiently…to strengthen our position in this most potentially lucrative, fast-developing market.

Working with a variety of partners, including Marvel Comics, Mirage Entertainment combines US creativity and brand recognition with a network of international resources and connections.  “On the world market, we blend local culture and sensibilities with the latest US entertainment trends and, especially, the latest high-end technology, ” says co-founder and President, Charlie Kao.  “That’s why we never bore an audience and that’s how we have won the trust of our clients.”

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