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Shooting Galleries: Pan’s Sideshow is a sure-fire winner at IAAPA


Sideshow, a new compact electronic shooting gallery from world leaders Pan Amusements, aroused considerable interest when launched at IAAPA. 

Orders for over twenty galleries were taken during the show. “Given the economic conditions we knew that this ‘mini-model’ would be popular but it exceeded all our best expectations, ” says Pan Amusements’ Managing Director Paul Whittaker.

“A rapid return on investment is always vital with paid-for attractions, ” adds Paul Whittaker. “In the right location all our galleries no matter what theme or how big or small, will pay back within a year. However many of the operators and distributors who placed orders, expected Sideshow to payback in a much smaller period of time.”

Sideshow has fourteen targets including spinning cards, clown’s bowtie, tin cans, stars and spirals and ducks. All targets have sound effects with background music and there is ‘encourage to play’ speech. It is backed by forty years of Pan experience in this type of amusement and also will benefit considerably from the support of SEGA which has the rights for sales and distribution worldwide outside the USA.

As a regular exhibitor at IAAPA over many years Pan Amusements is well placed to judge the trends in the market place. “There is no doubt that the last two years have been tough, ” says Paul Whittaker. “Yet we do see signs that business is coming back although operators are reluctant to make the large investments. Hence our reason to introduce Sideshow.”

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