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Theme Park Consultants: The New “Dubai” of the Southern Hemisphere with A Basic Service LLC


Not everyone is going to Las Vegas. Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is where it is happening now for leisure and tourism infrastructure. 

Please give your blessings to A Basic Service LLC as we are making inroads into South America.

Brazil is:
Football ~ Olympics ~ F-1 Motorsport Race ~ Deep water Petroleum ~ Eco tourism

(a) Surface metro – Brazil and Bolivia (monorail, light rail vehicle, conventional metro), multilple lines with average 110Km, flat terrain. ESTIMATED BUDGET: US$ 1, 2 billion dollars (private project, running under a concession contract with each city Government,

(b) Build one or more Football Stadiums to transform into a multipurpose arena (football games, big screen cinema, fast food, pop/rock shows, football school). At one sport arena we will introduce an indoor snow ski associated with a 60, 000m2  shopping center, convention center, hotel (maybe a flat) and a commercial building. ESTIMATED BUDGET: US$ 110 million dollars (private project, running under a concession contract with City Government of Bolivia)

(c) Many other leisure and infrastructure projects in Brazil and Bolivia.

If you would like more information or you have interest to network with A Basic Service LLC please visit our web site 

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