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Theme Parks: This week Boz Adventures, LLC launched Adventure Map 2.0 which is available now for Apple iPhone download


After positive reviews from fellow Adventure Seekers and positive ratings on iTunes, Boz Adventures has once again raised the bar as the lone Adventure Map application with our 2.0 version. 

As a free tool for our Adventure Seekers, this application continues to reflect the Boz Adventures core belief that a price cannot be put on fun.  With the added features now available, we believe that an Adventure Seeker can save money by using our application during activities.     

The additional features now available on 2.0 are:
Find coupons for local attractions.  
View attraction information from Map.  
More robust search function.  
Refined attraction information.  
View real-time ride counts for Boz members. 

Boz Adventures, LLC created and the Adventure Map phone application in order to position itself to become the central hub for all amusement and entertainment information.  Boz Adventure programmers collected information specific to thousands of GPS adventure activities across the globe and displayed the results of their efforts on and in the phone application.  It’s our hope that Adventure Seekers will have as much fun using the application as we did creating it.  

What’s your next adventure? 
Boz Adventures, LLC   

For more information go to:
Contact:  Nathan Poeppelman Chief Creative Officer 614.906.2520

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