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Themed Design: A Uniquely Norwegian Museum and a new exhibit takes flight


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New MOST Exhibit Takes Flight Gallery immerses guests in the history and future of flight and space

Designed to showcase the history and future of air and space travel, the JRA-designed Lockheed Martin Flight and Space exhibit opened at The Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology in January. The exhibit includes various displays showcasing the history of flight and space exploration, as well as a variety of models and immersive environments that provide guests with an exciting educational platform.

The exhibit features a model of a proposed NASA moon base/research center, as well as a replica of nearby Hancock International Airport’s air traffic control tower, where visitors can guide a plane into a safe landing via a computer simulation. Guests can also sit inside an F-16 cockpit and control the actions of a nearby scale model of the aircraft by pressing the appropriate buttons.

The exhibit’s most theatrical display is a 37-foot-tall, 1/4 scale rocket. Once activated by a guest, a countdown sequence begins, which culminates in lighting, audio and vibration effects, simulating a rocket launch.

JRA provided the overall design for the gallery, which was fabricated by Geograph Industries and Masterpiece Models.

A Uniquely Norwegian Museum : JRA develops concepts for Norway’s first children’s museum

When Oslo Barnemuseum opens its doors within the next few years, it will provide the children of Norway with an opportunity to learn and play within a facility that reflects their country’s unique heritage and culture.

Jack Rouse Associates recently worked with the museum’s developers to develop concepts for the planned facility’s iconic play structure and reading area. The climbing structure will be constructed of recylced and re-used materials and is based upon Norse mythology and, specifically, the Ygdrassil (or “world tree”).

The reading area is conceptualized as a magical environment, where children and their caregivers can relax and read books from Norway and around the world.

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