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Themed Entertainment: TEA Hosts Third Annual SATE Conference September 24th & 25th in Orlando.


Members of the international attractions industry will gather in Orlando, September 24th & 25th for the third annual SATE Conference, hosted by TEA, the global trade organization for the creators of compelling places and experiences. SATE is an acronym for the four building blocks of the guest experience: Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience. Registration is now open for SATE 2009 on the TEA website, TEA is based in Burbank, Calif.

The two-day SATE 2009 Conference is presented by TEA, who encourages the participation of everyone involved in the business of experience design. This event will benefit all those who have a hand in the project development process – including the owners and operators, developers, architects, systems integrators, designers, master planners, media producers, economic/feasibility analysts, fabricators, engineers and other suppliers.

SATE 2009 will provide delegates with an opportunity to significantly expand what they know about creating guest experiences for museums, theme parks, visitors centers and other visitor attractions, in a series of interactive sessions led by industry experts. The sessions explore the conference’s four eponymous topics in turn, building one upon the other.  Delegates will become acquainted with the principles of each topic, first discussing a Story concept, then applying what they learn about Architecture and placemaking to the story and applying Technologies to formulate an interactive experience in accordance with the story and place, and refining the elements into a finished guest Experience concept.

In addition to interactive learning sessions, SATE 2009 will furnish significant networking opportunities. Delegates will build both their knowledge base and contacts base. In keeping with its mission to promote dialogue, education and the exchange of information to benefit all facets of the international attractions industry, networking has always been an intrinsic part of the TEA culture since the association was founded in 1991. In addition to a year-round calendar of mixers in the US and Europe, the association fosters dialogue through its annual Thea Awards, which recognize and celebrate excellence within the industry, and through its growing output of print and electronic publications that include the TEA  Annual & Directory and the TEA/ERA Global Theme Park Attendance Report. TEA members also convene annually for the TEA Summit. The SATE 2009 Conference is the newest offering from this rapidly growing, dynamic business association. SATE 2009 will tap into the TEA’s knowledge and talent base for a unique look at concepts, skills, tools, techniques and people responsible for the world’s most compelling places and experiences.

About TEA
The TEA is an international nonprofit organization, founded in 1991. TEA represents over 7, 000 creative specialists, from architects to designers, technical specialists to master planners, scenic fabricators to artists, and builders to feasibility analysts working in over 6000 firms in 39 different countries. TEA is dedicated to connecting organizations seeking to engage, enchant, educate and entertain their guests and visitors with the creators of compelling places and experiences worldwide. Its members have conceived, designed, fabricated and produced highly successful experience-based exhibits, attractions and interactives for museums, science centers, corporate visitor centers, live events and live performance venues, themed entertainment and retail centers, casinos and resorts, themed restaurants, aquariums, zoos, heritage centers, theme parks and more. TEA will host the third annual SATE Conference (Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience) September 24th & 25th, 2009 in Orlando, Florida USA. For more information, visit

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