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Hong Kong Disneyland: Tracy Sheds Some Light

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“Where can I find financial information on Hong Kong Disneyland?” was a question recently asked in Blooloop’s LinkedIn Group and since I did something I typically don’t do ‘ I answered this question privately ‘ I figured that it would only be fair if I shared my answer with the rest of you.

Familiarizing yourself with Blooloop’s Park Ownership data is a great place to begin (and an updated version is to be released shortly – watch this space!). In this instance, as in many others, knowing the park ownership is key to finding the answer to your question. In this particular case, knowing that the Hong Kong Government (aka Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) is one of the owners of Hong Kong Disneyland was the key to finding the answer.

Locating the website for the Legislative Office of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (legco) was like striking gold for me, as I will illustrate below:

Once there, you will find the latest three papers that were published in conjunction with he 16 February 2015 meeting:

” Administration’s paper on update on Hong Kong Disneyland;

” Paper on Hong Kong Disneyland prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat (background brief); and

” Paper on update on Hong Kong Disneyland provided by the Hong Kong Disneyland Management Limited (power-point presentation material).

While all the papers have great data, it is the initial one that provides detail of the performance for fiscal year 2014 and this is the one I highlighted in my response to the question asked. As promised, I am showing you some of the great data here:

key revenue hong kong disneyland

year on year key revenue hong kong disneyland

origin of hong kong disneyland visitors

When searching this site, you will find data that takes you back to year 1999 and I have listed some of these papers below.

” Environmental Impact Assessment for the Development of Hong Kong Disneyland;

” Financing and Financial Benefits of Hong Kong Disneyland;

” Hong Kong Disneyland Third Party Investors; and

” Hong Kong Disneyland: Paris / HK Comparisons

It is the last paper that I find extremely interesting and again I will take this opportunity to show you a few of the items found here:

hong kong disneyland data

While I got carried away with the data per usual, my initial purpose was to show you why Blooloop’s Theme Park Ownership document is significant. If I hadn’t known that the Hong Kong Government was one of the owners of the park, I wouldn’t have known where to begin finding the answer to the original question, “Where can I find financial data about Hong Kong Disneyland?”

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