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Is Parques Reunidos really for sale?

Parques Reunidos Mirabilandia

Parques Reunidos Mirabilandia

How many times have you come across an article stating that Parques Reunidos is for sale?

I’ve seen several in the past few months. Granted, the articles often qualify the assertion with “sources say”, but it seems like everyone wants to be the first to report if and when the sale happens.

After each announcement is released I go and check the Arle Capital Partners website ( to try to determine the validity. I go to the Arle site because it accurately reported the following releases:

  • Parques Reunidos: Palace Entertainment signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with DreamEast, 21 May 2015;
  • Parques Reunidos Full Year Results 2014, 16 April 2015; and
  • Parques Reunidos Group acquires Faunia Animal Park in Madrid, 08 Apr 2015

I have taken the liberty of posting three key pages from Candover Investments plc 2014 annual report which makes interesting reading.

(Note: The relationship between Arle and Candover is described by Candover as follows: “Our investment portfolio of 5 companies is managed by Arle Capital Partners, an independent private equity partnership formed via a buyout of Candover Partners.”)

I would be interested to hear any observations you might have.

candover annual report pg 10candover annual report pg 12candover annual report pg 14


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