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Alcorn McBride Brings Movies to Life on Starline’s Hollywood Tour


LA tour operator, Starline, is using Alcorn McBride video playback equipment to add an extra dimension to their Movie Locations Tours.

The tour, which is presented in partnership with cable network TCM, visits more than 50 key locations around Hollywood and LA, while passengers watch relevant movie clips on a 65-inch HDTV.

“The buses are a real marvel – they’re quite unique, ” comments Starline IT Director Kian Farhadi.  “There are windows everywhere and as we go by a location we play scenes from the movies that pertain to it. Passengers are completely immersed in what’s going on.”

Each bus is equipped with an Alcorn McBride DVM8500 Digital Video Machine HD operated by an Alcorn McBride ShowTouch control panel.  The system drives the main screen for the passengers plus a 7-inch screen for the tour guide.

“We had a very particular set of requirements and Alcorn McBride was able to meet them, ” says Farhadi. “The guide has to have complete control over the media during the tour. He needs to be able to adapt the itinerary as the tour goes along; there’s an array of buttons on the touchscreen to select locations from.”

Kian Farhadi confirmed that the system was working ‘very, very well’ and praised Alcorn Mc Bride’s customer support: “It was excellent when we were in touch the first couple of days. But since then we haven’t had to call them. The equipment just works!”

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