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American Wave Machines Powers World’s First Indoor Wake Surfing Competition


American Wave Machines’ SurfStream® technology has powered the world’s first ever indoor wake surfing competition at Surf’s Up New Hampshire.

Over 20 competitors showcased their skills in three classes: Pro, Outlaw and Amateur.

16-year-old Parker Payne took first place in the Pro Class (top image), netting $3, 000. Second and third place went to Jake Caster (below) and Hunter Sims (bottom), both aged 16. They each won $1, 500 and $500 respectively.

American Wave Machines Powers World's First Indoor Wake Surfing Competition

“This first indoor wake surfing competition truly showcases the versatility of our SurfStream technology, with multiple wave types for different variations of surf, ” commented Bruce McFarland, Founder and President, American Wave Machines.

American Wave Machines’ developed its ground-breaking SurfStream technology to replicate natural-feeling standing waves. The SurfStream at Surf’s Up is the world’s largest standing wave machine with a 32-foot channel that can produce waves from two to six feet high. The technology can also generate barrelling waves to challenge even the most experienced surfers.

American Wave Machines Powers World's First Indoor Wake Surfing Competition

The company has also patented technology that creates an infinite variety of waves that replicate point break, beach break, and reef break without long waits. PerfectSwell® is the first and only air-pressure system to recreate naturally occurring ocean swells for an authentic world class surfing experience.

“With both amateurs and professionals competing, some of whom have never surfed in the ocean, the event highlighted how SurfStream continues to help grow the sport of surfing, ” added McFarland.

Images kind courtesy Carter McCoy.

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