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OffShore Surf Open: AWM technology powers Swedish Indoor Surf Competition

Authentic surfing retailtainment from AWM's Offshore Surf

The 2019 Swedish Indoor Surf Competition – the OffShore Surf Open – in Sundsvall on February 2nd will be performed on SurfStream world-class standing wave technology from American Wave Machines.

It will be the second time a sanctioned event has been held on the AWM SurfStream pool at Himlabadet and the inaugural OffShore Surf Open.

Greg Lombardo, CEO of Offshore Surf, said: “We are incredibly proud to be the lead sponsor for the 2019 Swedish Indoor Surf Competition in Sundsvall, Sweden. This groundbreaking event, in partnership with the Swedish Surfing Association and Salusand Soulsurfers, speaks to our core mission at OffShore Surf to create a robust year-round indoor platform for surf expression and competition – bringing competitive and aspirational surfers together in a fun, welcoming and authentic venue. What could possibly represent this ideal better than an indoor surf event in Sweden in the middle of winter!”

The Himlabadet indoor surf venue in Sundsvall, which opened in 2010, features an AWM SurfStream pool – the same patented surf technology that powers Offshore Surf venues. OffShore Surf, led by Lombardo, was formed in 2018 to focus on the application of AWM’s surf technology in location-based entertainment venues that bring food, retail and authentic surfing together under one roof.

Indoor surf attractions meet the demand for season proof, repeatable micro-destinations, delivering an authentic, socially shareable surf experience with a cool vibe. American Wave Machines has proved both the technology and business concept with 15 successful wave installations around the world, including Oasis Surf within a mall in Montreal.

Bespoke, repeatable waves ideal for competition surfing

SurfStream technology creates a genuine deep-water breaking wave, which means a far greater degree of authenticity for surfers at all levels.

AWM’s SurfStream is recognised for its easily programmable controls and modular inserts that offer multiple wave types in one machine. The bespoke, repeatable waves generated make the system ideal for competition surfing.

The system can create anything from a classic standing 6′ barrel with a 20′ face for experienced surfers, right down to training and intermediate waves which operate at lower power so the wave size can progress along with the riders’ skill.

The flexible SurfStream technology can even create a 4ft deep water wave which replicates the hydrodynamics of river surfing, a popular sport in its own right.

Martin Bylund, President of Salusand Soulsurfers says, “Technology from American Wave Machines provides multiple waves in one machine, perfect for contests in any environment. The Offshore Surf Open provides a platform for competition where it never existed before. Outside there will be snow on the ground but inside we’ll be surfing all day. This is sure to be the first of many OffShore Surf Open Tournaments.”

Everyone would love to learn to surf. OffShore Surf venues, powered by American Wave Machines technology make that dream possible.

Surfing is an aspirational and engaging sport with a wide appeal, and the Offshore Surf concept brings it inland, indoors, and within reach of everybody- regardless of your experience level. “Everyone would love to learn to surf”, says Lombardo. “OffShore Surf venues, powered by American Wave Machines technology make that dream possible.”

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