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Polin Introduces Natural Light and Sound Effects for Waterslides


Polin have revealed their latest innovation for waterslides – Natural Sound Effects to compliment Natural Light Effects – at IAAPA Booth 1969.

Polin's Natural Sound Effects are creating a whole new type of aquatics adventure for waterpark visitors.

Polin’s patented RTM (resin transfer molding) manufacturing process, creates beautiful, naturally lit designs (Natural Light Effects) inside the tubes as riders pass through.  The light effects can in any design and are moulded into the slide during the manufacturing process, maintaining structural integrity.

Natural Light Effects and Magic Shine have now been enhanced further with the addition of tactile transducers, a new sound technology, to waterslides.  With Natural Sound Effects technology Polin’s waterslide modules become giant speakers with the incorporation of the sound effects.  Also known as bass shakers, these devices transmit a low-frequency vibration onto the waterslide tubes which can be heard by riders.  Polin's waterslide components are a natural conduit for delivering high-quality surround sound, requiring only 50-70 watts of power to run each transducer.     

This new technology can easily be added to existing slides and can be fitted to single or multiple sections of the slide.


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