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Polin develop waterslides for Hatten Land’s Splash World, Pulau Melaka, Malaysia


A leader in cutting-edge waterslide technology, Polin Waterparks has released details of the over 1km of waterslides that will make up Splash World, Pulau Melaka, Malaysia.

Hatten Land, a developer based in Malaysia, is set to build the country’s largest water park – Splash World – at a cost of RM200m (S$67m).

hatten land water park splash world

The water park will be built in partnership with resort operator Samsung C&T Corporation and Polin Waterparks, on the newly reclaimed foreshore of Melacca.

The building itself will be shaped like a towering, giant cruise ship. There will be a mall with 800 retail stores, marine-life panoramas and three, four and five-star hotels. Guests will receive their greatest adrenaline thrills via the unique offerings of Polin Waterparks.

The facility is designed by WHZED (WHZ Environmental Design). Designers Jason Zlotkowski and Antony Hastings are in charge of the Project.

hatten land water park splash world

Splash World is expected to be a top draw to for both local & international tourists. It will be designed and installed by Polin Waterparks and will offer a wide variety of exciting rides, slides and child-safe splash pools.

Smart design

The opening is planned for 2020.

The 46,452 m² facility includes two levels of lazy river that connect with each other and intertwine with more than 50 other water attractions.

Eleven of the rides at Splash World will be extreme waterslides: the total length of all slides combined is more than 1 km with more than 2,000 m² of leisure river alone. Plans also include a wave ball  and torrent river for added adrenaline.

Splash World will thrill guests, but its development will also incorporate smart design features. These will help to create the ultimate efficiency. The facility is expected to offer some of the highest capacity in the region.

“An unforgettable experience”

Datuk Wira Eric Tan Eng Huat, Hatten Group chairman, says the result of this meticulous planning will be happier guests who spend less time waiting in line and more time having fun.

He said: “We aim to create a waterpark that offers an unforgettable experience for our guests and their families. Our expectations are that the experience we offer lives up to every guest’s wildest expectations.”

Splash World will feature award winning hybrid ride designs from Polin Waterparks. There will be 2 lazy rivers on top of each other. To get to the upper level, visitors will be able to use a special water coaster Navigatour slide – and they can get down via slide too. It is an infinitive river experience with many surprises within.

The slides will also have special pattern effects. These can be only produced with RTM technology, those patterns developed by Polin.

King Cobra

The developments will include the multi-award-winning King Cobra waterslide.

Dato’ Colin Tan June Teng, Hatten Group managing director, says that including a King Cobra was imperative due to its spectacular aesthetics, as well as the thrilling guest experience it offers.

“It’s a revolutionary ride,” he said. “It’s exhilarating, entertaining and takes the guest experience to the next level. Being one of the most intense riding experiences in the industry put it at the top of our list of must-have attractions.”

king cobra coming to splash world

The multi-award-winning King Cobra features two double tubes that race through a circular path filled with twists, turns and surprises. Riders experience the drop of their lives while simultaneously speeding into the snake’s valley.

Splash World will also accommodate for younger children. Attractions aimed at younger guests include Polin’s Water Play Structure Type B09.

List of attractions

Polin has released details of the attractions that will make up Splash World:

  • King Cobra. Guests can ride either singly or with another person as they race through a circular path of twists, turns and surprises. The heart-pounding ride gives guests an extra surge of excitement as they shoot up a nearly vertical slope before sliding backwards, several times, before exiting the ride.
  • Surf Safari. This exciting attraction features a daring, 40-degree, sloped entrance and a unique, parabolic design that creates an illusion that adds to the adrenalin-filled experience – one never before seen in a family-styled waterslide.
  • Looping Rocket. This high-adrenaline ride delivers one of the highest drops guests can legally experience while also dazzling with its optional “Magic Shine” and translucent colors.
  • Windigo. Guests enter this slide alongside one another in enclosed tubes that spread out to create geometrical curves that curl parallel with the others and end in multiracer lanes.
  • Sphere + Navigatour Combinations. Water-injection propulsion shoots riders up and down hills, through a Sphere and into an enclosed tube slide.
  • Aquatube.Guests speed along this enclosed slide in complete darkness, creating a thrilling experience that is unmatched by the park’s other slides.
  • Wide Rafting Slide + Big Hole. Another unique combo design that was specially created for this park.
  • Uphill Navigatour. Guests sliding along the Navigatour’s breathtaking path slip in and out of the light as they experience an amazing light show. In the Blackhole portion of the ride, guests continue along a path offast-changing colors and designs in a high-speed trip through multiple turns and inclines.
  • Freefall. This slide offers an exhilarating drop for guests who want to experience the thrill of a freefall without the danger.
  • B09 Water Play Structure. Available in a variety of colors and theme designs, this colorful and innovative creation just for kids can incorporate specialized decorative articles to perfectly match any park’s theming.
  • Wave Ball. From small ripples to powerful waves, the Wave Ball transforms the calm water into a raging ocean in just a few seconds!

Images Courtesy: Hatten Land and Polin Waterparks

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