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ProSlide Customers’ WWA Awards: Siam Park, Kalahari Resorts and Everland Caribbean Bay


ProSlide are delighted to announce that the World Waterpark Association (WWA) has awarded three ProSlide customers top honors. Congratulations to Siam Park and Kalahari Resorts who received Leading Edge Awards and Everland Caribbean Bay who received a Board Award.

Everland Caribbean Bay: WWA Board Award

Everland Caribbean Bay is Asia-Pacific's third largest waterpark and attracted 1.5 million visitors in 2014.

In summer 2015 the waterpark added a ProSlide Mega Storm – a 6-person Hybrid: HydroMAGNETIC® MAMMOTH®/ TORNADO 60 – the 2013 winner of IAAPA's Best New Water Park Ride. 

The ride proved so popular that the park stayed open an extra month with just Mega Storm and their lazy river in operation.

Siam Park: WWA Leading Edge Award 

ProSlide Singha Siam Park  waterpark FlyingSAUCER RocketBLAST Hybrid water coaster

Siam Park features the world's first water coaster hybrid; the Singha combines two new ProSlide exclusive technologies in a single ride: FlyingSAUCER™/ RocketBLAST™. 

Christoph Kiessling, Siam Park Managing Director, is enthusiastic about Singha: "Its constant acceleration, extreme curves and adrenaline-pumping drops will drive guests to our park for years.” 

Siam Park also includes other iconic ProSlide water rides like Dragon (a ProSlide TORNADO® 60), Kinnaree (Hybrid: TORNADO® 24/ TornadoWAVE™), and Tower of Power  (ProSlide FreeFALL™) that drops through a shark tank.

Kalahari Resorts, Pocono Mountains: WWA Leading Edge Award 

ProSlide Splashdown waterplay structure at Kalahari Resorts

Todd Nelson, President, Kalahari Resorts, explains why he has used ProSlide for both phases of their new property in the Pocono Mountains: "ProSlide stands behind their work, unlike anyone else in the industry.”  

Phase one opened this summer with 12 rides and the newest generation RideHOUSE® 600.  The four-flume ProSlide custom complex includes the world's first indoor TornadoWAVE, a ProBOWL™, a Hybrid: TORNADO 24/ TORNADO 24/ TORNADO 24, and a TWISTER™ body slide. 

The second phase expansion planned for 2017 will include another 10+ attractions, making it the largest Kalahari water park.

Andreas Tanzer: WWA Kelly Ogle Memorial Safety Award

ProSlide’s Director of Research & Design, and the co-chair of the ASTM safety committee, Andreas Tanzer, was recognized by the WWA with a second Kelly Ogle Memorial Safety Award. 

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