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Vortex Water Journeys™ – a New Aquatic Play Area Inspired by a Running Stream


Vortex Aquatic Structures International introduces Water Journeys™ – an innovation in aquatic play for public & commercial spaces.

The inspiration for this new amenity is a running stream. A stream is an oasis of tranquility in nature where reflection, play and renewal happen. 

Vortex Aquatic Structures International has been a leader in aquatic play for over 18 years, manufacturing safe, economical and sustainable aquatic play amenities. Water Journeys™ is Vortex’s latest innovation and provides landscape architects and aquatic designers with new opportunities to create remarkable landmarks that are cross generational.  

Water Journeys™ is a linear ground play area, created in imitation of nature’s water systems and includes: boating, flow management, rivers, and streams in a four module game installation. Like in nature, what happens in one area of the stream impacts the conditions further downstream.  Children will quickly learn how their play affects others.  Each game module offers a different interactive play experience and provides people of all ages a chance to engage in the Water Journeys® meeting place.

“We understand there are tremendous obstacles – financial and social – to park programming & how to create new amenities that bring families together for relaxing & fun leisure activities, ” said Stephen Hamelin, President, Vortex Aquatic Structures Intl.  “At Vortex, we are constantly striving to develop new solutions for our customers.  Water Journeys™ is a game that encourages team play among children but also is a place maker providing an gathering place for every member of the family to enjoy.”

Inspired by a flowing stream, Water Journeys™ is a set of game modules connected to make a giant chain reaction of play and fun. Water Journeys is divided into four game modules, containing:  (1) boat races, (2) a waterfall (3) a labyrinth (exploring water flow) and (4) a pebbled tide pool. Children will have an opportunity to use their imaginations and ingenuity by manoeuvring levers and managing how the water behaves within the modules. One module will directly impact how the water moves lower in the chain.  Water Journeys brings younger children together for irresistible ground play & older children together for interactive play using pumps, stream beds & water damns – kids must work as a team to amplify water & block streams.  It is also a meeting place for parents, grandparents & neighbors to sit back, relax and watch the water on its journey. Offering the most flexible configuration, Water Journeys is sold as a single game module or as set of modules.  Designers & architects have the option to select one or more games to fit their specific space & design.

Vortex Introduces Water Journeys™ - an Innovation in Aquatic Play Area Inspired by a Running Stream

The traditional advantages of a Vortex Splashpad® solution remain in a Water Journeys® amenity: a cool place for refuge from the heat; sustainable water management solutions; lower maintenance costs for qualified staff (no long term standing water makes lifeguard staff unnecessary); the highest quality materials for durability; and finally, the most advanced technology in sustainable water usage.  

Water Journeys® will be launched at the NRPA Congress and Exhibition from October 8-10th in Houston, Texas. The Vortex exhibit will be in Booth #921 at the George R. Brown Convention Center and will showcase its full line of aquatic play and water management solutions, including Water Journeys®.
To learn more about Water Journeys, check out the video and visit Vortex at NRPA Congress and Exhibition, October 8-10th, Booth #921 or contact Vortex through the company website

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