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WhiteWater announces several projects for 2021

A wide range of new water rides and water parks will open over the course of this year

Master Blaster, Hurricane Harbor

WhiteWater, a leading waterpark manufacturer,  has installations scheduled in more than 25 countries across the globe over the course of this year, at a wide range of venues from water parks to cruise ships and more. As the company celebrates 40 years in the business it is continuing to innovate and several of these projects will introduce new products to the market

Asia Pacific

Firstly, WhiteWater is working with Kaisa Group to create a new water park in Golden Bay near eastern Shenzhen in China. Part of a larger resort including a theme park, hotel, sports centre and theatre, the water park will feature the first Abyss with light effects in the country. This water slide will reach almost 30 metres high and has the largest funnel slide with coordinated light effects for a thrilling guest experience.

The park will also be home to a Constrictor + Rattler Fusion and AquaSphere + Super Bowl Fusion, as well as Kids’ Slides, a FusionFortress 17, Wave River, and Wave Pool.

Also in this region is the new Aqean Bay Boracay Water Park, a seven-hectare site located on Boracay Island in the Phillippines. Here, WhiteWater will provide ten water slides, six Kids’ Slides, a Splash Pad, Wave Pool, Extreme River, FlowRider Double, and RainFortress 5.

North America

In North America, WhiteWater is working on a new attraction at Hurricane Harbor Chicago, set to break world records. This Master Blaster, named Tsunami Surge (pictured, top), will be the tallest water coaster in the world at over 26 metres high. Thanks to Smart Blast technology, this saves power and reduces mechanical wear and tear by only building up motor speed when it needs to drive riders uphill. Riders will reach speeds of 46 kilometres per hour during the 290-metre-long slide.

Another new ride will be arriving at Hurricane Harbor Rockford, where it will be the first Tailspin water slide in the Midwest. Named Tidal Wave, this ride includes three high-speed turns and will launch guests into a dark enclosed tube before opening up to reveal an angled downward curve, where rafts curve high up the wall and bank down and around the open spiral.

Both of these new attractions include the company’s AquaLucent fibreglass technology for bursts of colour which enhance the experience.

Middle East and India

30 years after it first opened, Shankus Water Park near Gujarat in India has once again turned to WhiteWater, this time to expand its offering. Here, the company will be providing an AquaTube, Constrictor, Freefall, Pool Sider, Champagne Bowl, AquaSpray Toys, and Splash Pad, as well as a mat racer slide, the Whizzard. This has 128 metres of slide including a 360-degree loop.

Whizzard mat racer

“The attractions were selected to cater to different age groups, their safety, and security,” says Ruchi Chaudhary, director of Shankus Water Park and Resort. “Our original water park rides were from WhiteWater back in 1993, and even now, we trust the quality of WhiteWater and hence selected all rides from them.”

WhiteWater has also partnered with Qetaifan Projects to build a 160,000 square metre water park at Qetaifan Island North in Qatar. The park will be themed around the countries culture as well as its oil and gas industry heritage and will be home to 36 water slides, including one which will break the record to the world’s highest water slide at 80 metres tall.


The first LEGOLAND water park in Europe will open at Gardaland in Italy this year. This will be the seventh time that WhiteWater has collaborated with Merlin Entertainments, and will see the addition of six fun water slides, including three children’s rides such as the DUPLO Splash Pad.

LEGOLAND, Gardaland, Italy

Cruise ships and theme parks

WhiteWater will also be celebrating the opening of the new Pirate’s Cove Aquapark on the MSC Seashore later this year, which will be home to an AquaTube, Pool Sider, Slideboarding, Adventure Trail, and a custom-themed AquaPlay 150 by WhiteWater’s Architecture team.

As well as its work in the water park sector, the company is also installing water rides at a brand new theme park in Vietnam. Vinpearl Land, on Phu Quoc island, will include WhiteWater’s River Raft Ride and a Super Flume. The park itself, by WinWonders, will be the largest in Vietnam at almost 50 hectares and will feature 12 unique themes.

The park’s Super Flume, within the Adventure World themed land, will be called The Volcano Was Terrified and is the same size as a real-life volcano, meaning it can be seen from across the park. On this ride, guests are taken on an immersive adventure through the Nevado volcano, concluding with a 17-metre drop.

Last month, WhiteWater also announced that it will be providing an Endless Surf pool to a new development at The Club at Parkwood Village on Australia’s Gold Coast, 10 kilometres away from the world-famous Surfer’s Paradise.

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