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wiegand.waterrides introduces new Gamewave slide

New product adds gamification and interactivity to a classic slide format

Gamewave wiegand.waterrides

wiegand.waterrides, a leading water rides and attraction provider, has announced the launch of its latest product, the Gamewave. This innovation builds on the popularity of stainless steel tumble wave slides, and add a new interactive, gamified experience.

The first Gamewave is now entertaining visitors at an open-air swimming pool in Zellingen, Germany.

Zellingen Gamewave wiegand

A new gamified water slide

Over the years, the stainless steel tumble wave slide, wiegand.waterrides’s most popular product, has evolved. The slides are now available in a variety of lengths, with separated lands, with or without waves and either with a classic plunge finale or shallow water run out. There are also floating versions for swimming lakes. Now, the company has taken the concept one step further by adding a gamified element.

Under the name “Fusion Waves”, the company offers, in addition to different colour options, a combination of gaming on the slide, or the integration of its “Wie-Spray” elements. This adds a whole new dimension where the tipping bucket can be made to suddenly drain over the entire slide surface.

Gamewave Zellingen wiegand.waterrides

The Mayor of Zellingen, Stefan Wohlfart, was looking for something special and unique for the town’s outdoor pool and was even the first person to personally inaugurate the new Gamewave attraction. Here, visitors can compete in pairs to get the highest score, as they have 15 seconds to reach six touchpoints in the slide walls, all while maintaining body control on the 17.5m long, wavy slide before splashing down at the end.

Spectators can enjoy the attraction too, as a scoreboard shows how many touchpoints the riders have hit. It also encourages repeat rides as guests try to hit more points on their next go.

Earlier this year, the company, which has been in business for 40 years, also unveiled its full-face VR snorkelling mask. This transforms ordinary pools into an exciting underwater world.

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