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wiegand.waterrides GmbH presents full-face VR snorkelling mask

The new virtual reality snorkelling mask transforms ordinary pools into an exciting underwater world


wiegand.waterrides, a leading water rides and attraction provider, presents a newly developed, unique, full-face snorkel mask, which uses VR to transport the wearer to a colourful underwater world. The mask itself is comfortable and easy to use, allowing the user to breathe normally through their nose and mouth rather than using the traditional-style snorkel mouthpiece, for a more relaxing and hygienic experience.

The system, which has been fully tested at the highest technical standard, consists of a full face mask alongside a cell phone, headphones and a floatation aid with a mounting device. For operators, the product is simple to install and operate.

Underwater VR experience

Thanks to wiegand.waterrides’ new VR snorkelling mask, users will be able to explore underwater worlds with creatures like manta rays and turtles or to discover new galaxies as they float through outer space. The image flow is designed to be smooth and seamless, therefore users will not experience motion sickness.

This innovative VR product brings together the feeling of weightlessness with immersive images and sounds to create a unique and memorable experience and helps operators to transform a pool at a lower cost than expected.

Last year, wiegand.waterrides built the world’s first stainless steel eight-lane Mat Racer water slide, which can be found at the new OCT Group water park in Xiangyang, China.

The new slide is 15 metres tall. Each lane is 120 metres long and has an average gradient of 15%. Riders slide down these lanes head-first on mats, racing the other riders in a parallel race. They go through a 360° helix and several waves, reaching a maximum speed of 11m/s. The company has also supplied similar racer slides in Germany.

wiegand.waterrides also opened the first SlideWheel in Europe, at Aquapark Reda in Poland. This water ride combines the fun of a Ferris wheel with the thrill of a waterslide.

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