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AO&A and Mousetrappe to Lead Taronga Zoo’s Centenary Theatre Project


Acomb,  Ostendorf & Associates (AO&A), a fast-growing company that provides comprehensive services for the development of themed hospitality and entertainment projects worldwide, has announced a partnership with media production company Mousetrappe to create a new multimedia experience at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo.

Taronga Zoo in Sydney Harbour, is to celebrate its 100 year anniversary in 2016 with the Centenary Theatre Project.  Featuring state-of-the-art technology, with content reflecting the Zoo’s commitment to wildlife conservation and environmental sustainability, the world class experience is set to become a focal point for visitors.

Paul Maguire, Manager of Visitor Experience and Learning, explains, “Australia’s Taronga Zoo is working with AO&A and Mousetrappe to create a world-leading multi-media environmental experience ahead of the zoo’s Centenary in 2016 with the aim to transform the entire zoo visit by making visitors inspired and more knowledgeable about how they can help wildlife.”

AO&A and Mousetrappe will collaborate on design and creative content for the multi-media experience, re-thinking the way that animals in the wild are presented, and engaging visitors with the Zoo’s educational messages.

AO&A and Mousetrappe to Lead Taronga Zoo’s Centenary Theatre Project

AO&A’s team has a long history with animal and conservation themed projects.   “We’ve built a versatile pool of talented experts who understand the importance of storytelling in every aspect of design, ” says Tom Acomb.  “Getting the public to understand and care about animals in the wild starts with engaging them in a seamless, accessible story, one they don’t just watch, they experience.”

Mousetrappe Director David Briggs adds, “This is an opportunity to transport the audience into a whole new world that they can explore in their own way so they can discover their own unique and personal connection with the wild.”

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