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Tulsa Zoo Breaks Ground on PGAV Destinations-designed $16m Lost Kingdom


The Tulsa Zoo broke ground this summer on its newest exhibit, Lost Kingdom. Featuring numerous attractions and exhibits, Lost Kingdom will open in 2017.

PGAV Destinations, a global leader in the planning and design of unique destinations, has designed the new exhibit.

“This important exhibit will allow the Zoo to replace the more than 50-year-old tiger and snow leopard exhibits, ” said Terrie Correll, president and CEO of Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc. “It is the type of visionary exhibit that visibly reaffirms our commitment to the animals entrusted to our care and will offer our guests year-round improved educational and viewing opportunities of several species that highlight important conservation issues.”

To date, $14.8 million of the $16 million habitat has been raised via the City of Tulsa 2013 Third Penny Sales Tax and generous grants from numerous organizations, according to Tulsa Zoo board chair John Dale.  When opened, Lost Kingdom will be the new home for ambassadors of some of Asia’s rarest and most elusive species, including Malayan tigers, snow leopards, Chinese alligators, siamangs, red pandas, Komodo dragons, and many more. 

“Lost Kingdom is an incredible opportunity to create one of the most immersive, exciting zoo environments for both animals and guests that PGAV has ever designed, ” says John Kemper, PGAV VP and design team lead on Lost Kingdom. “Our innovative and passionate team has designed an experience for guests and animals alike that the world has never seen before, and we’re using brand new technology on this project to give the public a preview of the wonderful experience to come.”

See below the fly-through video of Lost Kingdom:

When completed, Lost Kingdom will allow guests to roam through lush gardens and settings inspired by ancient Asian cultures, such as the city at Ankor-Wat. Covering nearly five acres, the new attraction will provide state-of-the-art animal habitats and unique guest attractions, like the George Kaiser Family Foundation Special Events and Dining Pavilion, where guests can dine with views directly into the tiger habitats.

The Hardesty Snow Leopard Habitat and Helmerich Tiger Exhibit will also feature the Hille Foundation Tiger Bridge, where visitors can safely observe critically endangered species as the tigers cross over the guest pathways. Other habitats include the Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation Red Panda/Binturong Exhibit and Aviary, the Anne and Henry Zarrow Foundation Outdoor Siamang Habitat, the Grace and Franklin Bernsen Foundation Siamang Dayroom, and the H.A. and Mary K. Chapman Komodo Dragon Outside Exhibit.

“Tulsa can be proud of the Zoo for maintaining a commitment to high standards of animal care, for increasing our contribution to global wildlife conservation, for supporting the local economy, and for serving as an educational resource in the community, ” said Correll. “Lost Kingdom will continue to help us live our mission of ‘inspiring passion for wildlife in every guest, every day.’”

Tulsa Zoo Breaks Ground on PGAV Destinations-designed Lost Kingdom

For more on PGAV’s involvement with Lost Kingdom, click here.

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