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DQ Entertainment to launch Jungle Book indoor theme parks across India

DQ Entertainment to launch Jungle Book indoor theme parks across India

DQ Entertainment has signed a deal with Chiliad Procons to launch multiple indoor theme parks across India inspired by hugely successful IPs such as TV series The Jungle Book.

DQE and Chiliad signed the deal at the Las Vegas Licensing Show. DQE is a key international producer and distributor of children’s animated content while Chiliad is a leader in the Indian amusement industry.

The plan is to open a wide range of indoor theme parks in India based around hugely successful IPs such as The Jungle Book, Peter Pan, and Robin Hood.

The first project involves the Jungle Book TV series. It will debut in Mumbai this year and in Delhi in 2019. Over the new few years it will spread to other major Indian cities.

The parks will take inspiration from the stories and culture of the Jungle Book. Rides and experiences will introduce beloved characters such as ‘mancub’ Mowgli, Baloo the bear, Bhageera the panther and Sher Khan the tiger. Connecting bridges will allow children to explore through the jungle. There will be a flying experience and a sound and light show to highlight the magic of the jungle. Life-size elephants add to the drama.

Chiliad’s creative teams are working closely with DQE to bring the adventures of the TV series to life in the theme parks. “The theme parks being developed by Chiliad Procons will be an entertainment destination for kids and family to experience the world of their favourite Jungle Book characters,” says Manoj Mishra, COO of the DQE Group. “All of the adventure, fun and action kids experience through a screen will now be all around them soon – in breathtakingly realistic jungle ways.”

Tapaas Chakravarti, MD and CEO of the DQE group said that his company is excited to partner with Chiliad. They expect the theme park agreement will “significantly boost” licensing & merchandising efforts worldwide. “We anticipate this as a step forward in creating immense opportunities and value to us. This new partnership with Chiliad Procons will take Mowgli and his jungle friends close to kids and family in India through their indoor theme-based parks.”

India growing in international influence

“We believe India is now growing in international influence,” says Prasuk Jain, MD of Chiliad Procons. “It is gaining a prominent voice in global entertainment and tourism, thanks to positive demographic factors within the Indian diaspora.”

He explains that the parks will combine adrenaline-fuelled experiences with themed restaurants. “This collaboration will create a new entertainment powerhouse of passion and talent that will craft epic, imaginative experiences allowing a new exposure to the company for more associations to come. It’s what India has been waiting for.”

The Jungle Book TV series has now gone into production for its third season. The series has been co-produced by major children’s broadcasters such as ZDF (Germany), DeA Kids (Italy), TF1 and Canal + (France), Télé-Québec and TVO (Canada), JCCTV (Middle East) and Nick India (India). It is broadcast to over 160 countries worldwide.

Image: DQE

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