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SottoStudios/LA celebrates Galpin’s “Porsche under Glass”

Porsche under glass Sotto Studios

SottoStudios/LA, a specialist in the creation and production of experiential attractions and immersive brand experiences, brings the “wow factor” to a unique Porsche dealership in California.

SottoStudios Porsche wundergroundSottoStudios/LA is pleased to showcase a recent Porsche Dealership project in Santa Clarita, California. This one is like no other as there is a surprise beneath the floor of the dealership, described by Eddie Sotto as the “Wunderground.” Sotto worked directly with Galpin Motors President Beau Boeckmann on the innovative retail project, which was developed in collaboration with Whitfield Architects and The Scenic Route exhibits.

Retail experiences need to evolve in order to survive and to attract new audiences. Boeckmann and Galpin have been at the forefront of the development of a new type of car buying experience for years, meaning that customers at Galpin Motors in Los Angeles are able to enjoy a relaxed and fun visit.

Breakthrough Porsche Experience

Boeckmann approached SottoStudios for help in developing a breakthrough concept, showing Sotto an underground space perfect for a new kind of display.

Knowing guests would not instantly know it was there, he suggested a floor of glass as a “wow’ moment to reveal a classic Porsche, calling it the “Wunderground.”

Boeckmann and Sotto envisioned a museum where you could drive the artefacts home, filled with special effects and amazing Porsche history.  The result is a must-see destination, agreed to and approved by Porsche. Complementing the experience is a Porsche Design retail store, Porsche Cafe and state of the art service lounge. That total experience was part of Boeckmann’s vision.

SottoStudios produced conceptual design sketches, mock-up models, and 3D presentation visuals to help explain the project.

A successful partnership

SottoStudios Porsche retail experienceSotto and Boeckmann have worked together on previous projects, having met at the in-flight bar flying back from London, some years before. Boeckmann shared his vision for a private Aston Martin showroom like no other. Sotto was inspired by this ambition, and they went on to collaborate on the design and creation of ClubAston, the ultimate way to design your DB11, a private lair with a dash of Bond.

“As with Aston Martin and Galpin Auto Sports, this is the third successful “wow” collaboration with Beau Boeckmann and his Galpin team,” says Sotto.

“We are thankful for allowing us again to “raise the spoiler” with them on a fresh new concept in dealerships! Congratulations to Beau, Jeff Skobin, Joe Allis, Whitfield Architects, Porsche North America and thescenicroute exhibit design for all their hard work bringing this “wow” concept into reality!”

Showcases a speciality

Sotto is also known for his Penske/Ferrari Dealership and Store in Las Vegas: “Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn wanted to showcase Ferraris in an emotional way as art, so we treated that experience like an Italian sculpture gallery, and it ended up becoming so popular with resort guests that they had to charge $10 admission just to manage capacity,” he says.

“It just proves that when you create something special that worth coming out for, it’s always worth the investment.”

Sotto recently spoke to Blooloop about his passion for creating authentic immersive experiences, as well as his new venture, a think-tank to address the challenges posed to the attractions sector by COVID-19.

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