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SottoStudios/LA is an entertainment design resource that specializes in the creation and production of unique, experiential "turn key" attractions and immersive brand experiences.

SottoStudios/LA specializes in the creation and production of unique, experiential “turn key” attractions and immersive brand experiences.

Since 2004, our multi-disciplinary studio has created and produced breakthrough experiences for the world’s most cherished brands and private individuals. While varied in scale and budget, they all share the same proven creative process and seamless execution.

In collaboration with our clients, we offer a holistic innovative solutions that specialize in helping brands adapt to COVID19, product and brand strategy, entertainment design, digital innovation, and master planning. We offer technical services ranging from Virtual and Augmented Reality, digital media, industrial design, and more.

World Class Clients.

Ex Disney Imagineer Eddie Sotto (SVP Concept Design, featured in “The Imagineering Story” TV miniseries) saw the need to break down the formal barriers between architecture, marketing, and design by combining them more holistically to invent seamless experiences. We start with “wow” and design to achieve it. We design emotions. Our “renaissance” portfolio is quite wide, as we have done everything from resorts and attractions to real spacecraft interiors, or innovating a new handheld technology. Aston-Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Embraer, Disney, Knott’s, Blue Origin, Paramount Pictures, NBC/Universal, Irvine Co, Kerzner, and Wynn Resorts are a few of the brands we’ve solved for. Sottostudios is comprised of a winning team of professionals that are “cast” to each unique assignment. We are a high focus, boutique firm that only takes on select assignments each year.

Simply put, we develop highly unique “turn-key experiences” in partnership with our clients. 

We can help you adapt your business to an ever changing world.

COVID19 Process Design. Experiences that worked last year, may not work tomorrow. As terrorism forever changed the way we deal with public safety, pandemics present new challenges in vetting customers both medically and spatially. The “shared experience” of customer interaction, like mass events ( i.e, sports, concerts, dining, or theme parks), require solutions that are informed by more than technical, medical or even operational expertise.

Our 40 years experience in guest behavior informs a total solution. Beyond vetting, each guest has to to feel reassured, dispelling anxiety and fear. To succeed long term, our holistic process of experience design, where we address all aspects of what a guest senses, can yield a more seamless solution utilizing technology, emotion, and operations. Repeat business is at stake here, so the solution cannot just be driven by medical or operations, it needs to be guest centric. We feel uniquely qualified to reimagine the customer journey to create safe and attractive experiences that bring guests back.

We’ve been doing it. We leverage our deep contacts in innovation, science, technology, industrial design and more to bring the right minds to your challenge. In the past, we have reimagined the “Curb to Gate” Airport terminal experience, the process of automotive buying, Lifestyle Malls, in- home experiential media, and more.

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WE START WITH WOW. Form follows Fantastic.

SottoStudios disrupts the entertainment design industry by beginning at the end…with “The Wow” then designing to achieve it. In essence, we design emotion. We are an experientially focused innovation and design group, focused beyond architecture to use design to immerse today’s consumer in a ever more compelling total experience. This requires holistic “pitch to product” thinking where even the marketing of the project is considered in the initial vision. Walt Disney worked this way as well, by building upon a “big idea” that people would intrinsically return for, then making them real through attention to detail. We always test these ideas against the business case and analyze them, but know how to keep the vision alive despite budgetary realities. Our handpicked “dream team” of specialists scale to your project brief, or can compliment your in-house team. From marketing and brand, media, themed entertainment, technology, architecture, even industrial design, we holistically create a more powerful immersive experience that guests come back for, versus merely consuming.

At SottoStudios, everything matters. 

Eddie Sotto’s TED Talk on “The How of Wow!”

SottoStudios has experience with ride system design, museum exhibits and displays, entertainment design and interactive media.

150 S. Barrington Ave. Ste. 4, Brentwood, CA 90049

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150 S. Barrington Ave. Ste. 4, Brentwood, CA 90049

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