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Convious is the full-fledged eCommerce platform for the experience economy. Working with more than 100 theme parks, zoos, indoor parks, ski venues, and museums and wellness centers throughout Europe, Convious aims to help venues convert anonymous website visitors into long-lasting ambassadors. Learn more at

Convious is the eCommerce for the experience economy that helps leisure venues deliver great visitor experiences. With an end-to-end sales & marketing platform powered by Artificial Intelligence that drives online traffic, delivers the best customer experience, and implements dynamic pricing in real-time.

Convious is on a journey to empower its customers so they reach the sweet spot of optimal pricing and customer experience on their own online channel.

We work with theme parks, zoos, aquariums, indoor playgrounds, museums, escape rooms and more.

With our reservation tool, your visitors can reserve and check-in in advance so there are no overcrowded scenario surprises! Our smart algorithms control your visitor spread. Convious’ AI-predictions help you see how many visitors you can expect based on capacity limits, weather, historical sales and more.

The Convious easy-to-use platform is designed to manage your venue’s Marketing, Sales, and Service strategy all in one place with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The perfect AI-Powered Marketing Tool Kit

Acquire high-quality traffic, convert more visitors into customers, and delight them into promoters with our AI-Driven Marketing Suite.

Increase your traffic with data-driven ads and retargeting. Win back your lost customers.  Turn visitors into fans with smart feedback and review tools.

Watch your sales skyrocket with our highly customizable online selling platform, designed to drive conversion at every stage of the customer’s journey.

Measure your performance, manage your prices, and get actionable insights – all from Convious’s easy to use online dashboard.

Connect the tools you already use. Convious can run independently or integrate with your own booking and scanning software.

Crowd Control

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the world overnight. Do you know how many visitors are coming to your venue when you reopen? Don’t let it be a risk with Convious!

Prevent overcrowded scenarios, unsafe situations or even fines by smartly distributing your visitors combining your online ticket sales with AI.

Comply with the guidelines and ensure responsible distribution. Our smart booking software automates your capacity planning based on time slots optimized by artificial intelligence. Do your visitor’s needs or capacity limits change over time? Our software will instantly adjust.

See how many visitors you can expect and adapt accordingly. Plan efficiently as Convious’s advanced AI-technology determines expected visitor numbers based on capacity limits, weather forecasts, historical- and current sales.

With a wide range of payment methods and the most competitive rates, we will encourage your visitors to pay online. Our technology will ensure more purchases are made in advance, while also facilitating contactless “in venue” payments with a mobile version.

Understand your visitors’ behaviour and characteristics with our elaborate analyses and discover what they like and dislike about your venue.

Our practical and advanced communication tools will allow you to communicate effortlessly with your visitors before, during, and after their visit. Clear communication will enhance your visitors’ sense of safety and trust.

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Herengracht 440, 1017 BZ Amsterdam

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