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The Giant Company

The Giant Company

The Giant – the world’s tallest statue and the visitor attraction for the 21st century.

The Giant is a cutting-edge visitor attraction for the 21st century. It is the world’s tallest moving sculpture, with a minimum height of 35 metres.

The Giant blends the fun and engagement of a family entertainment centre, with the artistic and educational features of a museum and the sense of personal discovery from a motivational experience.

Visitors to the Giant can climb the statue to view the city and surrounding area, providing a unique vantage point.

The statue is an iconic landmark for the city, and helps to promote and enhance tourism. It also increases footfall in the area which in turn helps to promote economic stimulation.

Plus, the Giant can transform to celebrate the heroes and citizens of its home city and country.

It also becomes an incredible backdrop for festivals, celebrations and events, as well as presenting advertisers and sponsors with a new way to reach the public.

The Giant will be one of the world’s most ambitious cultural and commercial projects bringing together art, amusement and wonder to create a contemporary and highly profitable business. Right now, we are on the search to find 21 of the best cities to host their giant

Paddy Dunning, CEO, The Giant Companu

The Giant Project is currently searching for 21 cities to host the statue. It can feature in urban developments, port and dockland renewals, parks, city squares, next to stadiums or arenas, or even as part of a museum, resort or theme park.

You can register your interest here.

The Giant Company 8 Cecilia Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

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