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Dataton’s WATCHOUT Multi-Display Software for Doctors Without Borders Exhibition


Doctors Without Borders (MSF Sweden) “I Am Here” exhibition uses Dataton’s WATCHOUT multi-display software.

Dataton, the Swedish show control developer and manufacturer, are using their award-winning  WATCHOUT™ multi-display production and presentation system in the Doctors Without Borders (MSF Sweden) “I Am Here” exhibition.

The Doctors Without Borders’ (MSF Sweden) exhibition has been touring Swedish shopping centres this fall.  Swedish artists and filmmakers Peter Norrman and Anders Birgersson wanted to bring the harsh reality of refugee camps in South Sudan to public environment in Sweden’s cities.  

The 40 minute video narrative has been produced with Dataton WATCHOUT multi-display software and shown on four projectors inside the cube-shaped theatre.  The response from the public so far has been very positive.

Dataton’s WATCHOUT Multi Display Show for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Exhibition

Anders Birgersson says, “Peter Norrman and I saw the potential of going somewhere very remote and bringing back the reality from this remote place. We decided to take our ideas to Doctors Without Borders and embarked on this complex project without really knowing how we were going to tell the story. That's why we really appreciated the flexibility of the WATCHOUT system, how we could try out a new idea and see what it looked like, then rework it and view it again in a very easy way.”

Lars Sandlund, chief operating officer at Dataton, says, “The MSF Sweden exhibition has a powerful message and we are proud that our products played an important part in bringing this strong narrative into people's lives.”

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