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JRA-Designed H-E-B Science Center Opens at Corpus Christi, Texas


Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History has just opened its new, $3 million H-E-B Science Center. Through its visually exciting and highly interactive exhibits, the Science Center aims to inspire and educate children and adults in the sciences. 

JRA (Jack Rouse Associates) provided overall planning, design development and project management for the Science Center’s 5, 000 square feet of exhibit space.

In addition to its ten exhibit areas, the Science Center features an immersive cell environment, a three-story DNA climber, a miniature planetarium, and a series of large-scale interactives showcasing the principles of engineering.

H-E-B Science Center Corpus Christi Texas

“The client wanted a design aesthetic that was fanciful, curious, alluring, engaging and fun, ” said Jeff Lichtenberg, Jack Rouse Associates Senior Project Designer.

“Our approach was to create a light, colorful, energetic space, and to arrange the space as a progression from the unknown, to what we know, to what we do with what we know” he added.

Guests first experience content that juxtaposes the vastness of our universe with the minuteness of the atomic world.  From this point, the guest experience begins to focus on our planet and how human curiosity has led to the study and use of earth’s natural elements and the building blocks of life.

H-E-B Science Center at Corpus Christi Texas JRA

Interactive exhibits about atoms, the periodic table, the human cell and DNA introduce the basics of molecular science and biology.  Guests learn how scientific knowledge is part our everyday lives through a variety of mathematic and engineering exhibits.

The guests’ journey concludes with a visually dramatic gallery that stretches their curiosity beyond the earth by incorporating basic scientific principles pertaining to outer space. 

“We are delighted to bring Corpus Christi a world class museum that will engage children in the sciences and give them a love for learning, ” says Executive Director, Carol Rehtmeyer

All photos kind courtesy of the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History.

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