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Alberghi diffusi model revives rural Italian villages

Alberghi diffusi

A new model of “scattered hotels” called alberghi diffusi is reviving ancient rural settlements in Italy.

Ancient settlements in Italy were left abandoned due to a lack of jobs, earthquakes and poverty.

The deserted communities are frozen in time, but a model of “scattered hotels” is bringing them back to life.

The village of Santo Stefano di Sessanio was featured by the BBC as one such alberghi diffusi. Italian entrepreneur Daniele Kihlgren invested $5 million into restoring the buildings to create hotels that recreate authentic historic experiences.

In an interview with Global Citizeln, Kihlgren said: “The kind of clients who understand what I am trying to do here are deeply interested in history.

“They consider authenticity to be a real value in today’s world. Italy is becoming more fake. That is why when I started this project, I began as if I was setting up a museum. We want a kinder, gentler concept of tourism.”

Rural tourism is on the rise. A Chinese travel agency has said the number of Chinese tourists visiting rural locations in July and August jumped by 50 percent year on year.

Video courtesy Amelia Martyn-Hemphill for BBC World Hacks

Image courtesy Sextantio

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